How did NPM become popular? Is it usable when you're not on a slow connection?

I'm starting my first job out of school today.


I'll support rights for <minority group> as long as they never commit even a single crime.

If I ever had to be a boy again, I would definitely self-identify as a "soft boy."

My working memory is very bad. I can only remember a sequence of digits that's about 5 items long.

I'm starting to believe/accept that I'm never going to be conscientious enough to fold all my clothes – so instead of just leaving them all in a pile and pretending I'm going to fold them eventually, I'm trying out separating them by type and throwing them, unfolded, in soft bags + folding a few of the most wrinkle-prone items.

Calling myself as "non-passing," I feel obligated to say that "passing" is circumstantial and vaguely-defined. Strangers gender me female more often than not, but everyone can tell that I'm trans, and I doubt many people think of me as an unqualified "woman" rather than "trans woman." So do I pass? I don't know. Sort of. When I wrote the previous toot, it was because I looked in the mirror and saw a boy. I've seen a girl before, but I don't usually. I think many of us are in the same situation.

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I often find other non-passing trans women attractive, but I also feel like not passing makes me ugly. I wonder if I would find my body attractive if it were not my own. (SFW) is adorable, but — hard to swallow pill — dressing in an extremely masculine or feminine way, even when contrary to your own gender or sex, is not androgynous.

It would be cool for a programming language to have a lower-precedence division operator consisting of multiple dashes. Then something like this would just work:

let x =
-b + sqrt(b**2 - 4*a*c)
2*a ;

It would be great if anyone reading this who speaks Chinese could give me an estimate of how dorky it would be.

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I kind of want to borrow the word 人 (rén = person) from Chinese. It's nice in that it's both gender-neutral and monosyllabic. It also fits nicely as a substitute for "man/men" in old quotes that we want to make gender-neutral. e.g. "All ren were created equal."

Python strings have a function called maketrans(). I have no idea what it does, but it makes me happy.

I'm also a big fan of when people screenshot an existing screenshot of a tweet and post it with their phone UI in the picture.

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I love how pretty much all online content discovery systems are biased towards recency, meaning that no one sees what's been pasted in a given channel more than a few days ago, and therefore people repost the same screenshots of tweets over and over again.

I spent far too long drafting a response to a horribly transphobic comment on the orange site. In the time it took, the hall monitor seems to have hidden the original comment. Cool.

I hope Elon Musk moves to a colony on the sun.

It's crazy that people view dandelions as "weeds" considering that they have pretty flowers and you can use them to make salads and wine. They're like the exact opposite of weeds.

Question for people who know more about computers than me:

I've heard that SSDs have a limited number of "writes." Does that concern the amount of data that you write or the number of times that you call write()?

For instance, if I want to store 10,000 key-value pairs, would it extend the life of the drive if I stored them as one JSON file rather than 10,000 text files?

☒ Assigned gender at birth
🗹 Government-issued gender

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