Does anyone else feel ugly / get dysphoria about having knees that are two big?

I like when job applications ask specific written questions instead of just asking for a cover letter which basically just says "I think I would be a good fit for this job because of the qualifications listed on my resume."

I don't know how to say this in French, but I'm sorry if that's too forward or weird.

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Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un·e ici qui parle français et voudrait évaluer mon accent?

Impracticable idea of the day:

Silent letters in French (or whatever language, I guess) should be subscripted. e.g. françaiₛ

"He argued that if people ate the products of farm fields themselves rather than inefficiently using them to fatten animals, they could stop ‘devouring an acre at a meal’ and end ‘the long-protracted famine of the hard-working peasant’s hungry babes.’"

People who want to live in major cities can't, because it's too expensive


people who don't want to live in major cities have to, because that's where their employers are.

Our society is so well-organized!

Drinking one can of Coca Cola™ is the equivalent of eating ten pounds of sugar.

I regularly alternate between "Western Civilization is a racist, nonsensical category held together by duct tape and wishful thinking" and "Yeah, I'm basically a Roman."

Transphobic quote of the day 

"Celebrating transgenderism is the first and most significant step on the road to replacing human beings with nonhuman intelligent entities."

Virtue signalling is great when you do it by doing virtuous things.

They call it "High" School for a reason.

Far-right trans women are the scariest thing in the world.

The person you're supposed to pretend to be at a job interview is one of the most loathsome people imaginable.

It's dumb that the winter solstice, Christmas, and the new year are all different days. Somebody should get the Pope, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg together to do something about it.

"Web developers truly are the dunces of the computing profession."

I want to live in a temple with a bunch of other trans women who worship the goddess and fuck each other, preferably at the same time.

You know an internet company is about to do something creepy if they send you an email starting with "we value your privacy."

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