Wouldn't it be great if websites had working RSS feeds and I didn't have to write scripts to fix them?

US Pol 

Moderator: Mr. Trump, why did you put kids in cages?
Trump: That wasn't me. That was Joe Biden.
Moderator: Mr. Biden, is that true?
Biden: Yes, but I didn't take them away from their parents like he did.
Trump: Yeah, but he still built the cages I used to do it.
Moderator: Mr. Trump, will you ever take those kids out of the cages?
Trump: No. No one can figure out how to do it.

I'm almost out of male-to-female connectors.

If you ask me, mastodon is one huge male-to-female connector.

Built robot. Maternal instincts kicking in.

*Servo motors behave unexpectedly.*

Me: Sweetheart, stop!

I think the United States, the United Kindgom, the United Arab Emirates, and all the other countries that start with "the United..." should join to become one country called "the United Uniteds."

You can get your students to claim knowledge of any topic X if you go in front of the class and ask "does everyone understand X ? Raise your hand if you don't understand X. Ok, good."

For anyone looking to develop a nerdy-sounding American girl voice, look up "creaky voice" and insert in your darker syllables.

Me, as an egg: I think I want all the effects of estrogen except maybe breasts? Am I a girl?

Me now: I love my breasts oh my god they're so cute and make me feel so happy and feminine and oh my god they're actually there and they're real and they're mine.

Well-behaved women seldom make history. Same with badly-behaved women. Men just don't really like writing stories about women.

Lol why did I think I would be able to build a robot.

I would be so easy to manipulate. Anyone who showed the slightest romantic interest could have me wrapped around their finger in minutes.

At Joe Biden's town hall, he mentioned a "young man who became a woman." I don't get it. Politicians memorize a zillion dumb slogans and ways to avoid answering a question. Why can't they learn basic trans terminology? It's not like trans rights an obscure issue at this point.

Sorry, it's impossible for America to adopt social democratic policies that work in Europe. American culture is just too cut-throat and individualistic. No, I will not examine why this might be the case. Up next: Why free school lunches teaches teach children the wrong message.

The history of philosophy:

Philosopher: X, therefore Y
Others: How do you know X ?
Philosopher: It's self evident.

You know how some people will say "thank you for your service" to veterans? Maybe we should start doing that for like, cashiers and stuff.

I'm starting a charity to help all those poor girls who were born without penises.

People should start using the word "nationalism" in a sense parallel to "racism" or "sexism," meaning "prejudice on the basis of nationality."

I think the government should be in charge of everything an nobody should have any freedom. After all, the government can afford to hire all the country's smartest geniuses to decide what's the best thing to do. Normal people will not make such good decisions on they're own.

I want to be someone's punk, trans girlfriend.

Wow, why did no one tell me about sleep before? It's great.

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