Numiniatures: la semaine dernière, j'ai enfin reçu mon Manuel du Général 2021 pour "Warhammer: Age of Sigmar"... L'occasion d'une petite review en 5min encore:

Hey folks!

This wednesday, August 4th, will be the last installment of this serie of streams onto trying to get my submission for Stargirl Scoring Contest ready!

So join me at 16h/4PM CEST this wednesday on ... will we be able to finish in time?

[ ]

Same hour, same time, same place, join me this week at 16h/4PM CEST to continue last week work on the Stargirl Scoring Contest, live from my channel later today!

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.


- Current trial against the firm could cost them a lot (they're already loosing a lot from the bad PR!)
- A lot of Dev stopped working since yesterday
- Some studios were closed (Versailles, etc)
- People *massively* left for other companies games (FFXIV)

And this is all on top of Blitzchung previous controversy and Warcraft Reforged failure that already pushed Blizzard under pressure. In short it smells bad, really bad...

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What happens actually there is quite unprecedent... To resume, in just few months:
- Overwatch 2 is still unreleased with no release window as we speak. Same for Diablo 4
- Jeff Kaplan (Blizzard VP, Overwatch Lead) left the studio, as well as many other historical figures
- TBC Classic is a massive failure
- Same for Shadowlands 9.1 patch, after months of delay
- Russel Brower (Blizzard in-house historical Composer) is prob about to leave too

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Storing memes for specific purposes.

Like the next time Elon musk is mentioned

Hey folks! Today it's time for our weekly music production stream together at 16h/4PM CEST on :

Join me to see how to write for TV serie while I work on my submission for the newest Spitfire Audio scoring contest!

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Amazing news! Soundrop is lowering their entry fees to 99cts to submit your track to and other major streaming platforms!

Great move to support visibility of artists <3

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… is a tool for generating creative prompts to assist in the production of rave tracks. It is intended as a more grounded alternative to Oblique Strategies – outlining specific direction & constraints. More info in thread 🎶


J'ai reçu ma Mystery Box de chez Privateer Press, du coup petite review rapide pour savoir si ça valait le coup de miser ou non sur une vraie lootbox à figurines! 🧐

Been years since I haven't put my hands on real DJ decks... and now I got my own ones to train again :amaze: Who wants some live mixes??

[CW: selfie, eye contact]

Numiniatures of the day: just finished my first full unit of Mezari Vaulters!

Damn... almost forgot about today's 6y HRT-anniversary!! 💜 🥳

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Reminder that July 14th is International Nonbinary Person's Day.
:nonbinary_flag: :parastat_enby: :QueerCatHeart_Enby: :nb_crossbow:

This date was selected for being exactly halfway between Intl Men's Day and Intl Women's Day.

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Today at 16h/4PM CEST, join me for a new session of "Cost Recon", the monthly trans folks dedicated on Twitch! :flag_transgender:

[ ]

This session we will play the brand new demo of "Alchemical Reaction" and then we will see if we can beat "Dogworld" final boss!

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I have to buy my everyday meds with crypto on the blackmarket made by an underground lab because it’s not commercialized in my country.
So don’t ever say cyberpunk is science fiction

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