Envie de musique 8bit? Alors, retrouvez-moi ce weekend pour deux ateliers chiptune et un concert plein de surprises ;) Ca se passe du côté de Condé-sur-l'Escaut, de 11h à 18h samedi et dimanche 27-28 novembre ! 😎

Plus d'informations et programmation sur: condesurlescaut.fr/fileadmin/P

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I'm looking to start playing live again.

Hit me with a DM for any booking requests – let's make some things happen in 2022 🌎🌍🌏

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i would never download a gender. i upload genders to the deep web every morning . dont talk to me about gender

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L'affiche publiée et affichée dans différents endroits de Nantes

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New EP out now on @Bandcamp@twitter.com

1. Lossless Experience
2. Vibe Frag
3. Unrendering

#rave #chipmusic #chiptune #techno #trance #jungle #drumandbass #gabber #hardstyle #PLUR


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"why it's 2€ would you ask?" well, it's still free to give, just a bare minimum BUT it's a cheap trick to let you be able to purchase ALL my discography in a click (because sadly Bandcamp doesn't let you do it if all release are free to give).

So... YES, now you can give whatever you want and get all my previous release too, enjoy! :amaze:

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Today's the day!

My new single "Talion" dropped today on Bandcamp, and on all other platforms too thanks to Teenage Wasteland:

[ 3d63.bandcamp.com/album/talion ]

artists.landr.com/692531161017 ]

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Hey ^^/
Si vous faites partie des gens saoulés (à raison) par la redteam et l'idée même de mettre des auteurices de SF au service de l'armée, y'a une contre-initiative humanitaire du côté des moutons électriques.
C'est en gros la même team à qui on devait déjà "SOS terre et mer" il y a quelque temps, qui crée cette fois un ulule pour une anthologie "prépare la paix" (c'est une initiative bénévole dont les bénéfices seront reversés à sos méditerranée)
Bref, ça se passe par là : fr.ulule.com/prepare-la-paix-a

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No stream today as I'm sick as hell since monday... 😷

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Is Dune a problematic book with a white savior allegory against an orientalist portrayal of alien natives? Yeah lmao.

Is it still a highly influential and well-written piece of science fiction? Also yeah lmao.

These things can coexist and its okay to like, read and enjoy things while still critically engaging with them. Things don't exist in a vacuum and will always reflect the lived experience and material conditions of its creation, which in this case is a smug white guy from the '70s.

Idealism is the mind-killer

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RT @Nullsleep@twitter.com

#m8tracker #trance
(snuck in some #drumandbass too)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Nullsleep/status/1

No stream this week sadly, because I'm too busy on other projects, but also because I wanted to ask the few that attend those what do YOU want to see each week:

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