Happy 10th brithday to the 3DS, the best handled console Nintendo released after the Gameboy <3

Had been so much time since I played through a major numbered Final Fantasy game (last was XIII, back in 2010)... Guess it's time to hit the road again!

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I am now the villain of all your favorite sci-fi stories.

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When you never really left the datamosh pit at the last rave...

(screenshot from a friend, taken on PS4 first gen)

"Be A Better Cyberpunk - a bundle of cyberpunk games, music, TTRPGs, and zines - is available now! Support independent creators exploring identity, class, gender, and transhumanism."

[ itch.io/b/723/be-a-better-cybe ]

The "Be a Better Cyberpunk" bundle is out, and I'm really proud to be a part of it <3

We deserve and can do a better and I hope you'll enjoy this fine selection of cyberpunk creations from indie and creators ^^

"you gotta make this sounds good"
"just add OTT and OTT and OTT and OTT and OTT and OTT..."

that little guy did so much troubles earlier... he now can't keep up and feel exhausted, poor thing! :blob_pusheen:

That still not erase the feeling that this pandemic is a major source of problems for a lot of us worldwide, but at least feeling free from a 13 years old burden is a great feeling to ease the pain <3

[CW: selfie, eye contact]

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quand je fais dans la sécurité informatique... 😂

I'm happy to welcome my two new personal assistants at work <3 :blob_cat_aww:
(and remember to support your local animal shelters if you wanna adopt one)

emphazing "French", because our administration has such talent when it comes to that kind of "accessible" stuff...

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Hey folks! Metazoa TV is back for a new online concert tomorrow, with Nino Virtual and I as part of the line-up.

So get ready to join us at 21h30 (CEST) for our small night at: twitch.tv/metazoatv :blob_rave: 👾 🎶

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since it's now October, perfect time to pull back from my wardrobe those two powerful outfits :witches_town: :drake_like:

Imagine you're so late capitalistic, that actually paying people for their work is being "Highly Disruptive"... :anarchy:

"Los Angeles Times: How is disrupting the music industry"

[ from: twitter.com/MaxW83211310/statu ]

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Cyberpunk communities are full of white boys thinking how cool fascism is and how Musk or Bezos are such a genius visionnaries.

Meanwhile queer people make the genre a reality with self-healthcare, countering mad Capitalism forces or redefining the codes of our society.

[ original screens from: twitter.com/SavrinDrake/status ]

Retrouvez-moi demain matin en direct live à la radio et sur Twitch, dans l'émission Twitch Café, en partenariat avec Radio Campus Lille:

[ campuslille.com/index.php/entr ]

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