// hey folks! tomorrow the italian micromusic scene is hosting a virtual chiptune jam on instagram (at 17:30 CET) for every chiptuner or fan.

// see you *online* tomorrow?

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I really dig the new PS5 controller, totally fit my likes when it comes to cyber preppy looks... but let's be honest: this looks like hell for a lot of reasons on the accessibility side of things and raise many questions on how devs will have to deal with this.

From :birdsite: :

"DISTANCING TIP: ikeas BLÅHAJ soft toy (303.735.88) plus your arms length is roughly six feet total so basically always carry one with you and if you can hit ppl with the shark they were too close to you"

[ twitter.com/freezydorito/statu ]

// hello folks! it's the today, so enjoy my contribution as a trans fem music producer & composer <3

// check my stuff at:
[ 3d63.bandcamp.com/ ]

// when you're trying to work on your usual audio stuff but your brain only screams DOOOOOOOM atm...

[CW small flashy random frames]

// finally found out how to setup Retroplug properly <3

// time for making hybrid gameboy bangers!

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animal crossing 

pas jouée à Destiny depuis des semaines... premier objet que j'y loot au retour:


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// Numiniatures //

Test zombie from Walking Dead : All Out War - Citadel Contrast & Technical paints only (30min Challenge)

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// le jeudi c'est backlogging.cyberia, avec la suite des aventures de notre Gardien et de la boule magique dans Destiny 2, à 20h sur:

[ twitch.tv/3D63 ]

// ce soir à 20h, c'est backlogging.cyberia spécial mois de Mars, parce que c'est là-bas que se poursuit notre aventure Destiny 2 :

[ twitch.tv/3D63 ]

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