decided to challenge myself at something quite different... doing orchestral cover of some music? 🤔 why not! :oh_no:

(also, team Diluc ofc <3)

Remember my DOOM mockup tune from earlier this year? Modified it a bit and made a fancier video preview 🤘 :sigil:

If you missed it, I released a surprise EP last week:
[ ]
It's not in my usual musical range, but I always love experimenting new things ^^

Guess what folks... IT'S FINALLY LIVE!!

Done in a week, inspired by Jet Set Radio and Naganuma's work, that's "Rock the Streets", my latest EP and love letter to Y2K underground culture <3 :blob_rave:

[ ]

Maxi hyped for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and since I always loved Hideki Naganuma's work, decided to make a small tribute as today's training to classic "Jet Set Radio" music genre. 🎧


Mixing a little bit of Chiptune and classic 00's Drum & Bass together <3

[ ]

(and remember that it's another Bandcamp "no rev share Friday" :drake_like: support artists you like and share their stuff)

might be over, but I did a playlist including all my entries for it on my Soundcloud for convenience ☺️

[ ]

I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun doing these. not only it was good to experiment new things, but it was also a great way to build more confidence and improve my composing skills <3

and... it's done! here's the finale for this challenge, made exclusively with new latest FLEX library released today:

[ ]

it was really fun to do this, thanks to VGM Academy for organizing it!

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