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which ofc will be a traumatic thought to people who've grown up constantly having the reality of their experiences denied, but interpreting any challenge whatsoever to w/e system of identity they did manage to latch on as a denial of the experience they attach that system to is incredibly poor as both an ontology and a coping mechanism. 'your map is bad' doesn't mean 'the territory doesn't exist' no matter how much you've bled on that particular map

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this is a joke but there is a tendency for online discussions on anything related to personal identity to collapse into this caricature of relativism where the only thing you're allowed to say is 'cis enbies who identify as natal females are valid :blobuwu: ' or whatever. and like, maybe your identity is actually bad? maybe it rests on incorrect analysis or is ideologically motivated or commits you to a category used to exact oppression on you and other people? have you considered that

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féministe vivante: féminazi mal baisée
féministe décédée: incarnation du vrai féminisme non-dévoyé *ptite larme*

the only thing needed to stop the wheel of karma is to stop spinning it

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Le drapeau poly dans les revendications de la Pride c'est borderline de la propagande et de l'infiltration masculiniste. les modalités relationnelles ne sont pas ce qui nous défini comme groupe opprimé par les normes sociales.
Après t'as les hétéros poly qui vont de dire Queer.

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hi folks! =)

since I haven't released much new material since a long time, I'm taking part in the actual challenge (run by VGM Academy) for you to enjoy small daily tunes.

let's start with this small darksynth musical idea!

[ ]

the churchill statue in a box 

oh I love this

This is why the #NotAllMen argument is frustrating. It absolves you of guilt on a personal level, sure, but it does nothing to address the systemic problems which cause these things in the first place.

If you're a man, whether cis or trans, or you're masc presenting enough to be read as one in public, don't just reassure yourself that this doesn't apply to you. Use your privilege to call out other shitty behaviour and dismantle oppressive systems.

Men might actually listen to you.

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Aujourd’hui, c’est mon anniversaire, alors j’organise un #concours.

Pour participer, c’est simple :

fav le post

partage le en mode PUBLIC
commente le post en me donnant ta meuf badass préférée

Tu peux gagner une illustration numérique originale ! :gribz_shocked:

Résultats le 13/05/2020

Ripping urticating bristles off of my tarentula fursuit and using them as a weapon against my enemies


what it comes down to is that what makes 'gay sex' gay isn't anything in itself nor any particular relationship to some ideal structure, but that it's not the prescribed type of sex. it's a political category

and this implies 'gay sex', however understood, will always be seen as societally less real or 'unnatural'. we can't build a model of gay sex that stands as an equal alternative to straight sex, and any attempt will just recapitulate the very systems that necessitated inventing the category in the first place

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then there's the other kind of drug policy, where a drug is forced on the marginalised, as in pushing crack to black neighbourhoods or drug companies creating the opioid epidemic, and this is used as justification for 'tough on crime' (which is to say, 'tough on minorities') policies

laws create criminals — bodies which legitimised force can be applied against — and the function of drug laws is the creation of addicts

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caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are legal while (by any metric less dangerous and less addictive) psychedelics aren't because the latter can't be put to serve capitalist production as easily

its incredible how much social media is just rss but worse

Le vrai dilemme du tramway c'est de devoir choisir entre uniquement Macron ou bien Lallement, Philippe, Raoult, Castaner et Le Maire

the gnomes are upset at me for calling them 'manlets' and 'discount ben shapiros'. they've been trying to covertly surround my house with a mushroom ring to trap me, but i've been kicking the mushroom's over

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