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hi nyall!!
I'm Agatha and I use she/her pronouns, but they/them are fine too,,

I am:
• a trans girl, lesbian (I like enbies too tho!!) and polyamorous
• neurodivergent + a lot more undiagnosed stuff
• an ancom antifascist
• a programmer
• a musician (I play electric guitar, violin and piano!)
• sometimes cute

I'm interested in:
• metal, sometimes punk, synthwave and more
• horror
• videogayms
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls
• witchy stuff

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hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

someone on the bird site asked what their black followers want their nonblack followers to know and ill share mine here (though i will admit i was thinking specifically of yt people at the time):

learn to put your body between black people and violence. chances are the violence will stop or lessen if it sees that you might be the target. it will not stop for me.

js question? 

hashchange event works but that's for hashes after the url, not the whole thing itself

locationchange does Nothing
is there like a way to just,,, listen for all url bar change events

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js question? 

im trying to run a function every time the current url changes

like, not a page reload but just url change

window.addEventListener('locationchange', function);

is doing Nothing
i have no idea how to do this right tbh

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markov chain generated toot 

thinking about how change dot org has an api but I still think it's most likely made my shitposts are powered by lack of energy... but i hate it so im mid key tempted to rewrite it because its warm,,,,,, hmmm

anyways yeah this is kinda an album announcement im gonna probably start recording when i get home and i expect the album to be finished around mid-june or early july

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i am upset about computers again 

wHY is it not registering any events

is it because im running the js code as a violentmonkey injection thing or is it because im doing it wrong

there are like,, no errors in console but it straight up just doesnt respond to events


whee!! now i can be upset about ppl being racist *and* javascript event handling at the same time! wonderful!

functional programming is when you write something and it works on the first try

mh, im angry at computers 

gnome has a do-not-disturb switch thing in the notification menu but all it does is disable the visual notification popups but not the sounds

of course i could like
go in matrix and telegram settings and turn off all notifications and then mute all firefox tabs but that takes too much time and is annoying

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would be cool if i could just entirely mute all notifications on my computer like i can do on my phone because i am Exploding

i literally cannot handle this

fun fact: if you're both sidesing an issue where there was literally a nazi video posted by one of the "sides" fuck you. this is not the time for enlightened centrism. block me like cadence did tbh


structural racism creates the conditions for black/brown /indigenous people to *encounter* police more than white ppl (intersected w/ class), the intent of individual officers does not matter—including deploying weapons "by mistake..." racism is the reason encounters happen.



On April 12, DeKalb County cops murdered’s little brother in his own home

The cops lied, saying 35yo Black man Matthew Zadok Williams entered an abandoned home with a knife

Help spread the truth

And help his family:



yeah i have opinions on music 

its good i like it

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