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hi! I'm Agatha! (she/they) 🎀

I am a:
• disabled trans woman
• lesbian, asexual, polyam
• vampire, werewolf, and furthermore, wolfgirl
• anarcho-communist
• programmer, musician (guitar/synths/violin)

I'm interested in:
• music (feel free to talk with me about it !)
• women
• horror
• low level and functional programming
• viddygames and modding
• making things pretty
• a lot more

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hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

will i be able to leave bed today? I guess we'll never know

trans people will literally cuddle and fall asleep to a physics lecture 🥺

every function is deterministic if youre lovecraftian horror enough

@silentium @AgathaSorceress Ha, ha, ha. You really are making the silliest shitposts.

*in a talkie-walkie* They are unto us!

the "figuring out if the celeste soundtrack cassettes have unfoldable cover cards (they dont)" to "finding out theres a stardew valley skirt with pockets" pipeline

if trans people knew about the stardew valley skirt with pockets they'd be very excited

@AgathaSorceress How long until we find out France doesn't have any coastline at all?

oh shit i just somehow realized that Current 93 that made Lucifer Over London is the same Current 93 that made Invocations Of Almost

somehow i sometimes get this thing where i hear multiple things from one artist but not realize that it was ever the same artist

i think the land west of france is starting to seep into other people's consciousnesses

i think that people should not be mean to agatha. she is trying her best

activitypub is inherently british because only british people say pub and not bar

thinking about how projectors are the bluetooth speakers of screens

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