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hi! Im an Agatha and I use she/it pronouns and don't mind they/them!

I am:
β€’ a sapphic lesbian trans girl whomst polyam
β€’ autistic and some more fun stuff
β€’ anarcho-communist and antifascist!
β€’ compuppy programmer
β€’ a musician (I'm not good at it but I try to)

I'm interested in:
β€’ music (feel free to talk with me about it !)
β€’ girls
β€’ horror
β€’ viddygames and modding
β€’ drawing and making pretty things in general
β€’ girls and enbies
β€’ literally everything what the heck

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hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

i just want to look like a pretty woman while not having a physical form
is that too much to ask for

ph :( 

sometimes i wish i could just turn off my legs when i'm not using them

the pain is Not worth it

tiny kabibby warning 

i cant stop thinking about them
how are they so tiny


re: awful post 

seriously tho i wish cis "allies" would stop saying that A stands for Ally

its annoying

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awful post 

yeah I support LGBTQIA

L - lAlly
G - gAlly
B - bAlly
T - tAlly
Q - qAlly
I - iAlly
A - Ally

markov chain generated toot 

i dont remember the constant anxiety isn't very poggers,,,,,

Can we solve climate change by bringing together these two technologies? πŸ‘‡

minecraft modding blegh 

it really feels like the 2 genders of minecraft modders are literally just "trans women" and "weird fashy rightwingers"

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minecraft modding blegh 

apparently the guy who worked on Tinkers Construct and Natura is now posting weird antivax bs on twitter and unironically has a gettr account


at this point ive seen like 3 people with a purple twitter client but i havent been able to find it anywhere

i wonder if its just the official client but recompiled with different colors


i love when my back pain disappears but then turns into leg pain

like, wow, that sure helped a lot


so then we were playing cyberpunk 2077 but irl and there was like a huge spaceship and someone i knew from school wanted medical help and i was like "oh i will ask amelia!" but he wanted to ask someone else and i were like "but amelia is better at this" so we had some kind of a spaceship race

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dreams, lewd adj, food 

had 2 dreams about how pornhub was shutting down their fedi bot hosting services and people who hosted their bots there had to migrate to botsin dot space

but then apparently they changed their mind so you could still host fedi bots on pornhub

after that i had computer science with people from school but it was in like, a huge plane hangar and we were all just eating pizza, which at the end turned into noodles

i keep biting my pillow in my sleep
i still dont know what that even means

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