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hi nyall!!
I'm Agatha and I use she/her pronouns, but they/them are fine too,,

I am:
• a trans girl, lesbian (I like enbies too tho!!) and polyamorous
• neurodivergent + a lot more undiagnosed stuff
• an ancom antifascist
• a programmer
• a musician (I play electric guitar, violin and piano!)
• sometimes cute

I'm interested in:
• metal, sometimes punk, synthwave and more
• horror
• videogayms
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls
• witchy stuff

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my eyes: observe blåhaj
my brain: [ neuron activation ] blåhaj
my somatic nervous system: hug blåhaj

shitpost, death/sui, self quote 

me and @deletescape are having a wonderful conversation

dear software devs

I have a higher chance of using your app if its possible to make it purple :)

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mh stuff i guess whatever 

normalize needing a plushie friend to function because youre broken as fuck

or like make my brain work or something,, as an alternative :(

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mh stuff i guess whatever 

high key wish i could take my emotional support plushie with me outside,,,, but
- its way too cold out there and i dont wanna hurt plushie for plushie is friend :(
- people would /definitely/ be mean about it

the problem: i will literally have a breakdown the second anyone hurts me (It'll happen a lot) and the plushie is the only thing that helps

these people went to my college. please support them as much as you can.

What's your posting element?

mh? but + 

this whole day im like,,, ultra gay and hyper and im just vibing around here,,,,, thinking about girls and,, hugging plushie and rocking back n forth in my chair

i wanna do all the stuff,,, , but idk what ffkhjskjh

help a single Black mama of twins in the Bay Area (crowdfunding request, please boost)

Nicole has two infant babies, is precariously employed, and is in need of stable housing. Throw her some coin to support her please.

You can also contribute to her paypal at:

i have "if there's a tv on in the same room i am incapable of paying attention to anything else" disease

fundraiser discussing abuse, Black Trans mutual aid 

i love how my whole personality now is just
"hehe im girl who likes purpl"

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