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hi nyall!!
I'm Agatha and I use she/her pronouns, but they/them are fine too,,

I am:
• a trans girl, lesbian (I like enbies too tho!!) and polyamorous
• neurodivergent + a lot more undiagnosed stuff
• an ancom antifascist
• a programmer
• a musician (I play electric guitar, violin and piano!)
• sometimes cute

I'm interested in:
• metal, sometimes punk, synthwave and more
• horror
• videogayms
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls
• witchy stuff

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hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

alright i'm actually starting to kinda like rust, i even made a thing today

The gender of the night is: ohmygodhowlongcanimakeanemojinamesomeonesuggestedimakeit69420charactersbutohmygodthatslonghuhimstillgoingicantusefullstopswhichisweird

And I'm sure fosslover1970 is excited to explain to me how to set up anonymized emails for every website using smtp+dsl2.69 and I assure I am not tech savvy or have the energy to give a shit, I would simply like to exist without needing to justify not wanting to be bothered

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changing my discord profile pic to be progressively more and more fem to see how long it'll take irl people to notice that maaaaybe i am Not cis

when you're running away from a techbro who's yelling something about manually installing linux that's an


a new song about kittens! it's also part of a smal EP (Kitten Sounds Vol. I) with the last song about kittens,, there are 2 of them now!

bandcamp link, boosts++ 

its not bandcamp friday anymore but if anyones into weird industrial/ambient stuff pls check out my new ep !

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anyways please donate to my ko-fi or cashapp if you can, it means a lot and helps me with transition stuff 🖤

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absolutely love how this thing that twitter recommended me implies that it's totally fine that american nazis are moving to other countries and doing nazi shit there but oh god what will we do when the american nazis come back to america

renaming domain hoarding to domain landlording because I can guarantee that people with lots of money who own like 60 domains don't use the majority of them and it just turns into not letting others have them when you don't even use them

Hello everyone, I graduated in a couple of weeks and would appreciate any donations that would go to paying off my bursar and therapy (it’s through my uni). I also have to buy my cap and gown. (Which Is $100).

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

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