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hi nyall!!
I'm Agatha and I use she/her pronouns, but they/them are fine too,,

I am:
• a trans girl, lesbian (I like enbies too tho!!) and polyamorous
• neurodivergent + a lot more undiagnosed stuff
• an ancom antifascist
• a programmer
• a musician (I play electric guitar, violin and piano!)
• sometimes cute

I'm interested in:
• metal, sometimes punk, synthwave and more
• horror
• videogayms
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls
• witchy stuff

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hrt shitpost 

every morning she wakes up in excitement and disbelief

"what the fuck i have boobs now thats so poggers!!", she exaclaims, as she realizes that she indeed, does have boobs

once u add some more gain it becomes deep metal galactic

What are some good games to buy on the steam summer sale.

imo instead of there not being a train there should be a train

i really should get sunglasses at some point bc the sun is Way too bright

going outside was a huge mistake

its hot as fuck and my legs hurt and there are So many loud children

fan theory: every picture of a blåhaj plushie you see online is the same plushie

hmm,,, i have an album planned for Some time but i think this one is just gonna be a single because i suck at making many good things

me, as a violin player, 2-3 years ago, getting an electric guitar: huh this thing is fucking expensive and is heavy as fuck

me, now, as a Many Things Player, trying to carry around my new synth: huh this thing is even more expensive and even heavier

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i appreciate how pretty synths made of wood and metal look, but holy fuck carrying it from one desk to another is the hardest thing ever

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