woah apparently 100 people liked my shitposts, aren't bothered by my constant sadposting and/or think my pics are cute!!

I love yall so much :blob_cat_heart:


actually, just realized that I've never done an introduction because when I made an account I got distracted,,, should I make one now?


hi nyall!!
I'm Agatha and I use she/her pronouns, but they/them are fine too,,

I am:
• a trans girl, lesbian (I like enbies too tho!!) and polyamorous
• neurodivergent + a lot more undiagnosed stuff
• an ancom antifascist
• a programmer
• a musician (I play electric guitar, violin and piano!)
• sometimes cute

I'm interested in:
• metal, sometimes punk, synthwave and more
• horror
• videogayms
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls
• witchy stuff

Boundaries post 

Boundaries, some good things to know in general and whatnot:

• other than my full name, feel free to call me `aggie`, `aga` or even `ag` if we've interacted before
• english is my third language but most of the grammatical mistakes are out of pure laziness or just me being gay,,,, however feel free to correct me if I make a mistake in a different language
• if I say something bad please tell me; Hurting anyone isn't my intention
• please try not to be too mean to me, I /will/ cry

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