mh stuff i guess whatever 

high key wish i could take my emotional support plushie with me outside,,,, but
- its way too cold out there and i dont wanna hurt plushie for plushie is friend :(
- people would /definitely/ be mean about it

the problem: i will literally have a breakdown the second anyone hurts me (It'll happen a lot) and the plushie is the only thing that helps


mh stuff i guess whatever 

normalize needing a plushie friend to function because youre broken as fuck

or like make my brain work or something,, as an alternative :(

mh stuff i guess whatever 

@AgathaSorceress I haven't slept without at least several plushies around me in years, no matter if I was at home or at friends' places (who obviously have plushies as well), and I'm 37.

No one should judge you for doing whatever you need to support your mental stability. Also, fuck those assholes who hurt you in the first place.

mh stuff i guess whatever 

@AgathaSorceress I really hate how people feel the need to judge someone for having plushies. When I feel sad I literally can't sleep without one.

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