autism is fun because you get to play minecraft irl except every single person is an enderman and you can't look in their eyes but they'll also get angry if you dont

oh i forgot to mention that the rest of it isn't really like minecraft anyway so it's just the eye contact part

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parental abuse, caps 


my dad while telling me off and me trying to keep eye contact: DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT

my dad when I remember what happened last time and look away while he's telling me off: LOOK AT ME WHILE I'M SPEAKING TO YOU

parental abuse, caps 

@cadence oh mood
being autistic and not making the neurotypicals upset is literally like impossible i hate it

a huge chunk of my trauma is related to me sucking at social cues and behaving normally™ :/

parental abuse, caps 

@AgathaSorceress @cadence (i was going to elaborate more, but no spoons rn, will probably post™ about it eventually :3)

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