text editor recommendations 

I often see things like "nano is too basic, vim and emacs are too messy and hard, atom is slow and vscodium is electron and I don't know what editor to use" (which is of course valid criticism!), so I thought about recommending some less known text editors that I've tried before!

• Lite (

it's a small and customizable editor written in Lua and C with SDL, which makes it *really* fast

text editor recommendations 

• Ox (

unlike the one above, it's written in rust and runs in terminal. It's more or less vim-like but takes inspiration from most of the popular text editors and has a bit less of a learning curve

text editor recommendations 

• Micro (

written in Lua and is pretty much a much more powerful version of nano, probably also one of the most intuitive ones

re: text editor recommendations 

@AgathaSorceress lua is just really underrated imo

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