screenreader unfriendly, keysmash 

@AgathaSorceress idbffidbcksicbejfbdifb

@AgathaSorceress Hmmm, that's not a place I'm likely to pass through by train either :c

@AgathaSorceress (btw does that mean you speak Ukrainian and/or Russian? Either of those two languages are on my "want to learn" list but currently on-hold because I think I'd not really get anywhere without having people to practice with)

@AgathaSorceress I should flip a coin and then either get my Russian duolingo routine off the shelf or start learning Ukrainian (tbh after having learned about Makhnovtsi I want to learn Ukrainian more than Russian. Also the Russian border controls were scary AF last time I did them so idk)

@AgathaSorceress *drools*

Fucking beautiful! Did it come with the keyboard? I thought they didnt have keyboards...

@eclectic the Model D is modular and doesn't have a keyboard but Poly D does !

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