cant believe i get to be me
and i get to be here and now and with all This around me

a lot of the time this shit sucks but when it doesnt,,, its just,, So poggers imo

suddenly, positivity 

i get to be a girl and a kitten!! some people don't want that but they cant stop me and i love that!!!

i get to be queer and ND and all the things and other than the sucky parts, i am Me and sometimes that feels great

i get to have my amazing partners and all my great friends !!

i get to have a computer and some musical instruments and whatnot and i can,, create things!! i love creating Things !!

i get to have plushies and kittens and plushie kittens!!! how cool is that!!

suddenly, positivity 

there arent many agathae out there and i get to fix that by just being Me !!

not many things are Exactly the way I want them to be,, and I can solve that!! I can change things and I can make new things!! I love that !! Beling able to,, create some meaningful things and feelings and experiences and objects and ideas,, the way i want them to be!! people say that i make them happy!!!! people think about me!! sometimes! i cant believe people go out of their way to remember me !!

suddenly, positivity 

i care about my friends so much!! i always want to make everyone feel good and happy and and needed !! i think there is enough bad in this world and i try to make everyone as happy as i can! i want to give all my friends pretty flowers and let them pet the plushie kitten!!!

i love making everyone happy and it makes me happy too

i cant believe anything Im doing is actually working and is meaningful

suddenly, positivity 

i make music sometimes!! i make computer things! somstimes i want a picture of a fluffy plushie kitten on top of an analog synth and i make it!! i say things!! i like being able to do things and make things !! and sometimes people like those things and they make people happy and that makes me so happy!!!

i cant believe it

suddenly, positivity 

i want to hug all my friends and i want to hug every tree and every creature


suddenly, positivity 

have you seen this mousie!! they're so tiny and they make me so happy by just existing!!

suddenly, positivity 

@dragon they look real i think! i hope they are at least

suddenly, positivity 

@AgathaSorceress look at that hamster!

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