programmer jokes are like 

subject oriented
my wife :q!
ignore compile warning
vim won't

i hate women

re: programmer jokes are like 

@AgathaSorceress I don鈥檛 get why people ignore compiler warnings. I鈥檓 one of those people who compiles with -Wall -Weverything -pedantic and a lot of the time, the warning help me correct mistakes that I wouldn鈥檛 have noticed

re: programmer jokes are like 

@m yeah i always fix all compiler and linter warnings but apparently its a common programming joke about how "haha 10000 warnings in my code am i right"

programmer jokes are like 


'haha a regular thought but laid out in a vaguely codey text'

if (programmers)

brought some pol puns into this, partial caps, re: programmer jokes are like 

@videogame_hacker @AgathaSorceress programmers of the world - STOP IT!

programmer jokes are like 

@videogame_hacker @AgathaSorceress i try to reinforce the culture of programming jokes where you just program something harmlessly awful for the hell of it and i would encourage y'all to join me in this endeavor to displace this dumb/twee bullshit

and a couple of mine:
(and a few other things that i really ought to get around to finishing, haha)

programmer jokes are like 

@AgathaSorceress I love girls and programming

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