i made the dumbest thing ever
and im so proud of it

holy shit

@sys64738 other than the impossibly expensive prices, its Extremely worth it

@AgathaSorceress myeah i may go for one of those Old sound chips used in 80s/early 90s computers instead

@AgathaSorceress tbh the more i think about this the more i keep wondering how tf you did this and it is very cool

@ashley i posted the repo with the code in the reply to the post above !

it pretty much just monitors notifications over dbus, checks if they were sent from firefox and then sends note data through midi

@AgathaSorceress the thing that confused me the most is that you can send MIDI to the synth itself, ig it makes sense just confusing cuz ive never heard of that being a thing

@ashley yeah! most synths have a midi input and output so you can send the data both ways!

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