trans, legal stuff question 

So, tl;dr, I'm planning to change my first name and last name as soon as I'm 18

I'm currently in ukraine but planning to Not live here as soon as possible, but either way, my deadname is ukrainian and my actual name is english

so I tried to find out if there are any restrictions on name changes but the only information I could find was "dont do crimes or we will reject it" so I thought I'd ask here in case anyone could maybe know

trans, legal stuff question 

- while Agatha has a local version (袗谐邪褌邪) and shouldn't be a problem, would an english last name that doesn't have a local version be rejected?
- is there a way to ensure that it won't be butchered by being transliterated from english to ukrainian to english?

i dunno if there's anyone on fedi who could know but oh well


re: trans, legal stuff question 

other than that, it seems that anyone can change their name after 16, but if they're trans they have to wait until 18

i wish any of this stuff was easy to find out and not buried in unreadable government websites

re: trans, legal stuff question 

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