just had a dream end with me checking my reddit dms and people finding my borg stats tool and saying its bloated and big and telling me to rewrite it in bash

why are these kinds of people in my dreams now >:(

dreams, food, bad 

before that i were at my grandmas place and it was cold so i suggested we build a fireplace type thing and she made one where you could put your hands and legs into it and they would cook into food but nothing happened to them at the same time so it was infinite food and i think she made really good soup out of them

still weird to think about the idea of Happily Cooking yourself


after that me and my sister and mom and.. an english teacher?? went to buy clothes at some place but only for my sister and i couldn't remember the word for shoes

the shop was at basement level but instead of there being stairs, it was just like, a vertical hole that you had to climb through


after that we were at some marketplace gender of place with lots of people eating and having fun

there was a big speaker playing music and i hacked it using my phone's IR light thing and played... bullet for my valentine?

but there was my uncle there and he suggested playing the samsung smart fridge music instead

nothing re: dreams 

@AgathaSorceress 'free marketplace of ideas' voice free marketplace of genders

@AgathaSorceress what

also why is writing a big program in bash considered non-bloated. every single command is a separate process lmao

@sys64738 dream logic is weird tbh

it's a relatively small python script that wraps around 3 shell commands and tbh the slowest thing about it is waiting for ssh connections, but in the dream i had like 4 messages from people asking me to rewrite it in bash

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