fediblock, transphobia (slurs, sui implied) 

third day, third harassment user/instance with an even larger list

@ tranny_kys@mulmeyun.church

fediblock, transphobia (slurs, sui implied), graphic/gore mention 

and another one

@ tranny_kys@silkhe.art

(this one just DMd me 2 photos of dead animals. until this thing is over I recommend going into mastodon settings and enabling "hide all media")


fediblock, transphobia (slurs, sui implied) 

another one just sent me a follow request

@ tranny_kys@pawoo.net

fediblock, transphobia 

another follow request from an empty account. this one hasn't done anything but is suspicious enough to be worth keeping an eye on

@ transbabe@mastodon.cloud

fediblock, transphobia (slurs) 

@ tranny_AIDS@neko.ci

(already reported a few times but I think I'll put it here too for block thread purposes)

fediblock, transphobia 

@AgathaSorceress same, follow request blocked on sight

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