i watched the mr beast squid game thing

it was somehow even worse than i expected

its kinda like squid game but with all the things that make it so good removed

also i love how at one point there's 6 short ads in a row

the fucking music chairs thing tho. they literally explained squid game in the original and it takes like 3 minutes to understand. it bothers me so much for some reason

also in general the mr beast guy is just very punchable tbh

@AgathaSorceress he's not my flavor of human but honestly I don't care if he gives out money for fame or to be nice. He's funding a refrigerated food bank, I'd love to visit a refrigerated food bank

@saffronishere yeah the giving away money thing is nice, he's just super annoying

@AgathaSorceress he's really annoying and I feel like if I had to share a meal with him I'd get nauseous. Idk what it is lmao he's just really really not my flavor of person 馃様馃憥馃徑

I'm just glad cause like my little brother watches him and he gets to learn that it's cool to be generous, also I prefer him to... *Shudders* The Pauls

@AgathaSorceress I was so scared he'd start watching and acting like them 馃槶 unfortunately he looks up to elon musk so I guess I didn't fully win, did I LOL

I'm sorry now I'm just listing nausea-inducing men I will stfu

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