i love how the windows 11 installer uses windows 7 UI mixed with windows 8 colors and a loading cursor icon from before windows 98 they haven't changed the installer in years because they're lazy as shit
they've used the same .wim format for a while (which is okay) but they won't even bother upgrading the installer ux lmao

@AgathaSorceress imo windows installers are a microcosm of windows
they just keep piling more and more and MORE things on top of this two decade old infrastructure
"we have the greatest backwards compatibility! :)" they say

and then when it gets too slow to reasonably run, they just say "upgrade your system today! :)"

unwanted software take 

@AgathaSorceress i think windows needs something like the classic mac --> osx leap but More
admit to your faults (but push the new one as "advancing technology"), do nothing but build a new operating system for some years and make the new one good,
...oh, no, that's asking too much of them, they have no profit incentive to make Good Enough software, much less Good software,

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