i'm installing windows 11

do you think it will overwrite my bootloader this time or not

okay what

it was like "getting files ready for installation" but then it said "we need to reboot to continue installation" and its now doing it from the beginning again???

i am so confused
the windows 10 installer didn't do this

tech support request 

i don't understand
the installer keeps bootlooping

i made sure to leave 2gb of the disk unallocated
the installation usb stick is set to highest priority in boot order

every time it finishes installing it tells me that it has to reboot to continue and then just starts over

how do i fix this

tech support request 

this is what i get every time it reaches the end of installation

tech support request 

I also checked the boot list and there's only 1 windows boot manager, from /dev/sdb, so my only options are

- boot into windows 10 on hdd
- boot into arch on hdd
- boot into arch on ssd
- boot into windows 11 usb stick

tech support request 

I tried booting back into linux and re-running grub-mkconfig with os-prober

it only detects the windows 10 partition but not windows 11, which means it's probably just not there

i don't understand why it's doing this
the boot partition has more than enough space + there's 2gb of extra empty space on the disk

I booted the newly created partition and it *does* have windows files, it just doesn't let me continue installation after it reboots

tech support request 

okay, I followed a video and manually created the bootloader from the windows terminal in the usb stick, after which windows boot manager finally showed up in the boot order

but... it booted me into windows 10 on my hdd instead of windows 11 on the ssd????

tech support request 

I now have 2 windows boot managers, on the hdd and ssd, but the ssd one throws me into the hdd install???

i don't understand

tech support request 

omg i have made Progress

in the terminal i changed the assigned letter from C to V so it wouldn't be the same as in my windows 10 partition and recreated the bootloader and now it sent me to a new screen where it asked me to pick windows 11 or 10

i picked 11 and now something is loading so i assume this is good

okay, i think it's actually booted into the new system now and i'm doing the actual install so it worked

conclusion: if you already have windows installed on another disk and you want to install a newer version on a different disk, either unplug the old disk or suffer


"sit back and relax while the magic happens"
bro i had to run terminal commands on an os that allegedly doesn't require terminal usage, just to install it. what do you mean sit back and relax

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