fucked up how white people came up with the term "expat" just to mean "same thing as immigrant but white and wealthy"

i can Never trust anyone who self identifies as an "expat"

@AgathaSorceress isnt an expat like someone who doesn't integrate with the local culture and still feels more connected with their nation of origin while an immigrant is someone who does integrate and identifies more with their nation of residence or something like that

@maemachinebroke When I moved to Berlin, that's how I first understood the term, too. But I find @cadadr's distinction super fitting. Im my experience it's not so much identification with any place, but more with the fact that one is privileged and wealthy enough to be "always on the go" taking what a place can give them and moving on. Ofc. they wouldn't call this "privilege," but point out their intrinsic inability to stay at one place for a longer time, or whatever...

@maemachinebroke from my experience every time someone said "oh i'm not an immigrant, i'm an expat" they meant "actually i'm not bad like all these evil immigrants, i'm a good expat because i'm white"

@AgathaSorceress It also means "immigrants who don't intend to mix with the new country's culture or people, but remain in isolation and obsess about the country they have left".

I know there are loads of other culturally-isolating groups of immigrants, but it's the endless complaining about the "old country" that really sets expats (probably all of them British?) apart ...

@AgathaSorceress In my experience, "expat" just means "from another country and wealthy". Seeing lots of folks from Asian countries plus India who use this term, too.

@AgathaSorceress I refuse the term, and always refer to myself as an immigrant. Also it is offensive to me, I was never patriotic, so to call me an expat is factually incorrect.

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