I'm a disabled trans woman living in ukraine. Me and my family are currently trying to leave the country
So far we are getting by but every bit helps! Any donations or boosts are welcome!

( @wgahnagl is handling the donations since getting money into ukraine directly is nearly impossible )

venmo: wgahnagl

once again huge thank you to @wgahnagl for figuring out the whole payment thing because pretty much nothing works

we have a paypal link too now

(please ignore the fundraiser goal, we'll almost definitely not need that much but we don't have a good estimate of how much everything will cost)

@AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl Hm, I just found out it's not possible to send money from PayPal to Venmo, even though Venmo belongs to PayPal. 🙄

@AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl any chance you / family have a bank account? i (and probably many europeans) could do bank transfer quite easily

@julialuna @AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl

also if y'all have anybody else you can trust who has an Ukrainian bank account and withdrawing cash is working unfortunately money transfers to Ukraine have historically been difficult and I can't imagine it's any easier now 😥

@AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl Might Wise be an option? Still seems to be showing transfers into Ukraine as available. Goes direct from the sender's funding to the recipient's bank account, and much cheaper than PayPal.

@porsupah I tried creating a wise account but to accept foreign currencies I have to first add 20 usd to the wise account and verify the id, which I can't do because right now you can't send money from ukraine to other countries

@AgathaSorceress Oh, good grief.. they won't waive that even now? GDI.

@AgathaSorceress @porsupah And I assume it's also not an option to let someone with a Wise account send money to a Ukrainian bank account? Because you wouldn't get the money?

@AgathaSorceress @porsupah Or do you think it's possible you plan to pass through a country where you can visit a person you know who can collect the money for you and then hand it to you in cash? E.g. in Romania, or Germany, or Ireland, or so? (okay, that's of course a difficult thing because that would probably be a person you don't know well enough to trust with that sum...🙁 )

@AgathaSorceress @porsupah
Btw, I know that my sister's mother-in-law has been trying to send money to her brother in Odessa, so that he and his family can flee to Romania, and it's also difficult for him to obtain the money. I just sent my sister a text and asked if it has worked by now, but she doesn't know what exactly they tried and if he managed to get since they last talked.

@porsupah @AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl

friend from the uk asked if cashapp is possible, cos it would work for them.

looks like westernunion isn't doing ukraine either >.>

any of my paypal-disliking friends who know me enough to trust it, I can proxy bank transfers on my iban number (or bargeld) and forward it to this paypal ☝️to help agatha

@elilla as PayPal does not let me donate to the pool I might have to use this way - as @AgathaSorceress boosted this, I guess trust is enough :)

Wanna send me details to wire money to?

@LittleFox @AgathaSorceress wait there's complications?? let me test first if _I_ can actually donate there

ok so the good news: the paypal link is actually working for me!

the bad news: the pool is in US dollars!

this has a couple consequences:

- because Paypal exchange rates are a scam, I'll need to use my credit card to buy dollars. This restricts me to my card's limit.

- the donation amount will be imprecise. if you send me X euros I'll convert them to Y dollars under the day's conversion rates and contribute that to the pool, but it might be that what hits my credit card will be a different amount.

what it boils down to is I can't do large amounts! but small donations are ok, PM me for IBAN o/

@AgathaSorceress i like how when my app was done sending the money it just crashed ^^

@AgathaSorceress hey, you didn’t write the paypal app, so don’t apologize :P also it worked, so it’s not that bad. It’s better if the app crashes after it’s done instead of before ^^

ugh why are payments so asinine, someone invent fedicashapp or something please.

[offer to forward money removed, use the paypal thing she posted instead]

@AgathaSorceress hope you'll be able to leave!!!

Also you do know about all the evacuation support groups and evacuation coordination programs (transport both within Ukraine and in EU), right?

@AgathaSorceress @wgahnagl is it ok if I screenshot and reshare on my insta story? I can tell other people to share

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