i rlly wish mastodon went more in the tumblr vibes direction of "we gave up on trying to attract new users so now its just a cursed wacky website with some comfy communities" rather than "we must make an exact clone of twitter and make every twitter user switch over"

@AgathaSorceress i think the devs and moderators and such who don't suck are mostly working in the former direction

website boy is not one of them

@00dani and unfortunately he seems to enjoy the MDFL approach the thing that worries me is that mastodon seems to have the largest demographic of people on fedi who don't understand that there's other software, so they've got a captive audience to do weird stuff to

@evelyn @AgathaSorceress Well also there’s simply that migrating accounts is annoying, and the fact that with Mastodon web + Tusky on Android you have something consistent, etc. But yeah I feel like I’m captive of Gargron’s wills, except if I make efforts to switch to something else; but then it would not solve the problem for others, only for me…

@AgathaSorceress i don't know, i just get annoyed when people just complain at open source developers even if 99% of the work is good, and without putting in any effort to try to do something about the bad parts. He could probably easily switch to working on literal twitter and earn way more, but he doesn't because he probably cares.

@powersource ah yes, the classic "if you don't like something why haven't you made a better alternative"

if he cared he would probably not ignore literally all of the feedback that people give him

@AgathaSorceress everyone outside of the .social circle of influence is doing exactly this. we just all need to pay less attention to the German twink who’s always fucking up UE.

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