agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

I need to find a job in the next few months to help paying rent
I'm currently living in southwest Germany but would prefer a remote programming job

Some things I should mention:
- I no longer have a desktop and currently can't afford one so for now I can't run windows
- I haven't changed my documents and my voice doesn't pass so I would prefer a queer-friendly place
- I'm not 18, but will be in 1 month

My resume is available here:

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress I've just reminded my manager about getting you an internship, so we'll wait and see about this in a little while 馃憖

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress your r茅sum茅 is incredible and you're not even 18. mine was way less impressive around the same time

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress I know this doesn't help you find a job but I just wanted to say it's very impressive to me

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress hi Agatha! I鈥檒l send you a DM.

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress Our product team at is currently hiring. We are working fully remote with people from different countries. We all can choose our own hardware and OS (paid by the company) and are queer-friendly (our hiring process includes some things to make sure it stays that way). Can I send you a DM with details?

re: agatha is looking for a job: part 2, unsolicited advice offered 

@AgathaSorceress I don't have a job I can offer, but here is something that helped me out when I was younger and starting to look for jobs. Add an "Interests" section. List some topics that you would like to learn more about.

I got one job early in my career because I knew Macs pretty well, and mentioned on my resume that I also wanted to learn SQL databases.

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress maybe take a look at the company I work at? Lots of remote positions, IIRC we're trying to help refugees (as long as they speak english because hard otherwise, but you do) and skills should match something

At least two queer people are in company and I never had any problems regarding me being trans or anything else

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 I can ask around in my company if you like, there's no Berlin offices but there is a presence in the EU, and a lot of us are working remotely at the moment. Failing that, I could post this on Twitter if you like, there are some Serious Professional tech people following me somehow. I assume you're legally able to work in Germany?

agatha is looking for a job: part 2 


Please send your CV to us if you want ^-^ We are totally queer friendly :) (but I think that you already know some of our coworkers)

@AgathaSorceress If you want you could ask @computertruhe for a Desktop PC maybe they have one.
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