i am currently experiencing the incredible documentation of the kicad schematic format

it seems that (color 0 0 0 0) is the only color that actually exists and i have no idea if its rgba or something else

@AgathaSorceress are they col4 vectors ranging from 0 to 1? you might need to add a . to ur digit group

@charlotte thats the thing i cant find any examples that are not (color 0 0 0 0) to figure out the format

@charlotte nevermind! its either (color 0 0 0 0) or (color 0 0 0 0.0000)

@charlotte @AgathaSorceress (lol i love that they're still printf'ing structured data)

probably is a lyric in a song or something, but it sounds poetic in a way 

@AgathaSorceress we should remove colour from the world

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