i think i am goig to try migrating half of my twitter following list to rss to see how Viable it is as a read-only twitter replacement


does anyone have rss reader recommendations that have a timeline-like (ie masto/twitter/new reddit etc) view rather than list-like (ie old reddit) view

ive been duck duck googling for one and its like
"oh people seem to recommend the digg reader, ive heard of that website before!"
oh... it shut down in 2018... oh well

okay feedly looks... decent, but apparently i cant filter our retweets unless i pay $8/mo

well this sucks

so far:
digg reader: not real anymore
feedly: lets me follow 100 rss feeds but filtering is paid
feeder: only lets me follow 10 rss feeds without paying
inoreader: also paid

sorry im not the richest person on earth right now

@AgathaSorceress i'm trying out the feedbin free trial at the moment. it's much nicer to look at than most rss readers

@shep @AgathaSorceress I always fall back on Feedly. But if you are willing to host yourself, Nextcloud News is nice.

@shep @AgathaSorceress Also Feedbin has most features of other readers for the flat $5 fee, versus around $8-10 from Feedly, Inoreader, etc.

@AgathaSorceress ugh i was gonna recommend miniflux but then i read up the thread and noticed you were looking for more of a timeline-style view :blobconfused:


I use feedly. Is there still one built in to firefox?

@celesteh i just tried feedly but for some reason it doesnt let me add nitter rss links



Maybe a fedi alt would be the best way to follow twitter without cluttering your mail timeline?

@celesteh i mean, i cant just force all the people i follow to make fedi accounts


I just opened a twitter account in nitter and then saw there's an RSS symbol on the top right. I right clicked on that symbol to copy the RSS link and went to feedly and clicked the link to add an RSS feed. I'm not following their twitter feed in feedly.

Ideally, I should be able to follow their nitter in this account, but it doesn't seem to work for some reason...

@davengkel @AgathaSorceress did not like the word paid, thanks for the info

@rik @AgathaSorceress
You're welcome. It does have a timeline for each individual rss feed in the free version though.

@AgathaSorceress honestly, last time I look at RSS was after google deleted their RSS reader, but Thunderbird (the email program) handled feeds reasonably

@AgathaSorceress they'd show up a lot like emails, but in a separate section with a folder for each feed

used to find the only RSS problem was most places only publishing snippets in rss so you'd have to click-through from rss to the actual website to read the rest (and be tracked/advertised at)

@AgathaSorceress I've been enjoying Fraidycat ... it's a bit of an odd take on RSS at first and I'm not sure if it really answers what you're looking for, but maybe it's something ... fraidyc.at/

@AgathaSorceress i don’t have a recc that fits that, but I enjoy using feedbin.com for twitter/email/rss feeds & unread on iOS for reading them. it’s vaguely list based, but it’s a solid app 😁

@AgathaSorceress I'll keep an eye out. Self hosted web app, or as a service?

@AgathaSorceress NewsBlur does! It’s also the one that looks more like Google Reader :blobaww:

@AgathaSorceress I use commafeed.com, but then it's more like the old Google Reader. 🤷‍♂️

@AgathaSorceress another happy NewsBlur user here. Timeline view is great on it. It’s super smart and a small technology - just one guy and still open source I think. I tried it and upgraded to a paid account to support it.

@AgathaSorceress @aral Reeder let’s you view posts grouped by feed or as everything mixed together in the order it was posted. I think tweetbot might be a better solution though (but I can’t confirm if it shows your feed in order because I closed my twitter account 😁) For viewing twitter feeds with no account nitter is great, and you can also subscribe to nitter feeds with rss.

@AgathaSorceress possibly look at FreshRSS (freshrss.org/) in "Reading View".

They have a demo site: demo.freshrss.org/i/ the Reading View is the top bar icon that looks a little like an open book, the default is the "Main Stream" which I think has all the feeds, so that may do what you want? (a big long list of expanded out posts?)

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