electron apps are not inherently bad at performance but i have yet to see a single electron app that is not bad at performance

literally even skype ran better on my grandma's windows xp computer a decade ago than discord does on my thinkpad e470 in 2022

@charlotte vscode only runs well as long as you have small projects and dont use any of the language-specific extensions, right now vscode is pretty much as slow and heavy as atom on my laptop

@AgathaSorceress i don't expect any IDE with big projects is going to be particularly lightweight. for java projects vscode and the java LSP absolutely destroys intellij

@charlotte its a lot better than intellij and yet the same java lsp is significantly less laggy in neovim

@charlotte i havent tried coc.nvim but the builtin nvim lsp is really good, like, for rust projects with rust-analyzer the editor opens in less than 1s and then the lsp is ready in 5ish more seconds

@AgathaSorceress discord is absolutely garbage in the browser too it's not particularly an electron thing it's more.. react

@charlotte though I must say: It seems like Mastodon's web frontend, despite using React, is actually not too bad? @AgathaSorceress

@kescher @AgathaSorceress mastodon has a lot less Stuff going on than discord tbf. mastodon listens for notifications and timeline updates whereas discord has big object graphs of servers and channels and messages and members and any of these things can update at any moment
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