modern web browsers are kinda like US politics because you have
- the evil one
- the "at least its not the evil one" one

@Dee @AgathaSorceress but that one's just a copy of the evil one
also there's the one that adds support for many protocols other browsers don't support but is also a copy of the evil one and is also probably spyware

@AgathaSorceress The ultimate manifestation of Conway’s Law: The product replicates the structure of the producer’s institution.

@AgathaSorceress And the "at least it's not the evil one" one has largely given up on itself.

@n8chz @AgathaSorceress That one is also doing things like: "Hey, do you hate me yet? No? So you like Pocket? Ok. You're weird. Well, we're working on making ads Privacy Friendly(lol). You think that's ridiculous? Wait until you hear who we're partnering with: The privacy pioneer ... Facebook!"

@AgathaSorceress also various other ones that nobody uses and are either really shitty in their own way or just the evil one in disguise. looks like im in for the long haul with firefox 😢

im gonnya switch to to ungoogled chromium at some point but i can't because jdjduudjwjue7udhsngruxhsney7xhsbywyeuywb3udy

- the ones that aren't evil, but also aren't fit to do the thing they're supposed to do

@AgathaSorceress Which one is evil now? Last I checked into the browser wars, I.E. was still the unstoppable juggernaut (which turned out great for Microsoft).

A colleague said try Brave, but once I installed it and saw that it was tightly coupled to crypto, I quickly burned it to the ground.

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