i fucking Hate websites that dont let you choose location and language independently

4 horsewebsites of apocalypse:
- no language settings
- language and location are locked together
- language is guessed using geoip
- only location is changeable

@AgathaSorceress I love it when I'm in czechia and I go onto a czech website that's in czech by default and used mostly by czech people and it locks itself into english with no option to change it in any way because that's my OS language

@behold3r @AgathaSorceress Or when you leave Czechia to Germany, and all websites automagically switch to German, even if your browser clearly tells them that you prefer English or Czech :)

@AgathaSorceress add: language is based on location guessed via ip, everything gets auto-translated. Looking at etsy here.

@AgathaSorceress It would be nice, if websites wouldn't have to guess your language from your location. We could have some HTTP Request header for that, something called like… Accept-Language. And every webpage would set default language from that. Wouldn't it be nice, if such header existed? 🙃

@octonine @AgathaSorceress Yep, I'm sorry, it certainly was one :)

We have that for ages, but basically every mainstream website ignores it.

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