i feel like the minecraft modding community is the only gaming-related place wherer "no linux support" is actually a dealbreaker

its interesting how common Not Using Windows is among people who play modded minecraft

@AgathaSorceress also one thing nice about Java is it's pretty okay making something portable

as opposed to something like C++, or god forbid using Microsoft lock-in stuff like DirectX

@aismallard @AgathaSorceress yeah, that's one advantage of Java. in this case, mods run without any problem as long as the Java environment is correctly setup (which is required to play the base game)

@AgathaSorceress it was one of my first introductions to linux servers! I hadn't even heard of linux before I started playing it

@AgathaSorceress how common is it? i mean i play modded on linux so it’s certainly not unheard of xD

@foxes i dont know how common exactly but id say more common than in any other game community, pretty much every other person i know who plays modded minecraft does it on linux

@AgathaSorceress i know plenty of windows modded players too, but yeah i think minecraft might have one of the biggest linux player bases

@AgathaSorceress I think it’s partly from the server perspective as most people I know run the servers on Linux boxes

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