docker is the kind of software that i dont really have Strong Criticisms of but still refuse to use because im doing fine without it and also it has Enterprise Vibes

the performance impact is Allegedly Not Too Bad and i can see why one would want to isolate things, and yet i just do Not enjoy the Enterprise Techbro Startup Vibes so i simpley live without containerizing everything i host

i also have the same exact opinion about tailscale, kubernetes, kibana, etc

if it somehow manages to have worse Enterprise Vibes than literally java then i have enough self respect to Stay Away from it

of course this is a separate category of software i dont like that is different from "software i dont like due to how it works" or "software i dont like due to its maintainers or community"


i feel like theres just a certain gender of software that is like "we ❤️ open source | built with ❤️ go | your local enterprise-core uwu devops glassmorphism microsoft-core æ smol startup | free software | request demo | please pay for our cloud subscription | $9.99/mo | scalable | built with ❤️ love | plug-and-play kubernetes integration"

yes im subtooting træfik. youre going in the "i do not wish to touch the wacky enterprise-core stuff" pile

sorry but everything about this kind of software is just like "how do we appeal as hard as possible to the 'i love capitalism i think we should make more capitalism' type of guy" and its the worst first impression when my intent behind using software is "solving problems i have" and not "adding another pointless layer to my ever-growing shiny tech stack to make the investors horny"


once again sorry but combining "cloud-native" and "That Just Works" in the second sentence on your website, and then following it with a "request demo" email button that is then followed by a list of corporations that use your product just triggers my gag reflex in the worst way possible

violence (in minecraft) 

if you advertise your software as "That Just Works" and i encounter even a single error while using it you will literally die in real life because no software ever "Just Works". shut up

this is the capitalist equivalent of a hypothetical OOP programmer who instead of just initializing an integer variable normally creates a IGenericInitializationFactory interface and then creates an IntegerInitializationFactory class that then creates a static object where the only field is a number

a shiny tech equivalent of a rube goldberg machine for your silicon valley startup that serves no purpose but making you look like all the cool enterprise guys in hopes of one day being bought by microsoft and getting rich

half serious 

wanted to make sure people cant access your other website's files from your main website? yeah, we had a tool for that, its called

root /srv/www/vampysite/_site;
index index.html;

@AgathaSorceress yeah we use a bunch of that stuff at work and i, would not describe it as particularly pleasant

i get that it's useful when you reach a certain scale but good lord the vibes are rancid

@AgathaSorceress Funnily enough what I've heard from people who work with the kubernetes etc. piles, their actual commercial production servers are significantly more of a pain while doing less different things than my Void-powered disaster

violence (in minecraft) 

@AgathaSorceress I keep reading "it just works" in Todd Howard's voice

@AgathaSorceress This is actually the best analogy for the modern containerisation and clusterisation nonsense stacks I have ever seen

Like, where you could have an RPi serving your website with nginx, you instead stick it on an AWS instance and run it in Docker managed by Kubernetes because that's what's hip and cool in the Professional®️ Developer™️ Community©️ currently

@SigmaOne @AgathaSorceress but what if my blog gets really popular and I need to scale to handle five million hits a minute, what then? it could happen, you know, I could hit it big, gotta be ready

@Dee @AgathaSorceress But, like

nginx, especially behind an OpenWRT router, can handle that

You can just load balance

@SigmaOne @AgathaSorceress I don't know if I could handle five million requests per minute off nginxes running on pis, because I've never had to, and also most people don't have to

but people do implement cloud solutions that can scale up to handle those sorts of orders of magnitude because they think that sort of overengineering is prudent and good practice
@Dee @AgathaSorceress @SigmaOne a million requests per minute is actually pretty reasonable (sequentially 0.6ms per request, computers can do a lot more in parallel)

@charlotte @AgathaSorceress @Dee I wouldn't be surprised if even my production server, which is a laptop with a 3rd gen i5, could handle that with relative ease

@SigmaOne @charlotte @AgathaSorceress ugh embarrassing myself by trying to pick an arbitrary large number off the top of my head and still underestimating, I'm gonna delete my account now

@SigmaOne @AgathaSorceress actually running docker with kubernetes isn't cool anymore. You must run some other container runtime you can't pronounce.

re: half serious 

@AgathaSorceress ...critters use containers for that?

Huh, we just use 'em because Everything Wants Dependencies and we don't want to clutter our main OS!

@AgathaSorceress weird thing is that i have found legitimate uses for factory interfaces and shit like that? they're really helpful in unit testing

they're factory interfaces that actually create useful classes, like parsers and transformers and stuff, rather than integers though

@AgathaSorceress ye i kno :blobcatheart:

ur totally right, there are so many Enterprise layers and they are just not necessary

@AgathaSorceress yes this

the fact that fizzbuzz enterprise edition doesn't have a dockerfile is honestly the thing that dates it the most as a work of satire ngl

@00dani omg "I can't. If I remove the cat picture everything stops working."

@AgathaSorceress yes the cat picture is integral to the application's function


@AgathaSorceress advertising all software as "it's just broken" from now on


@qch3n @AgathaSorceress Cloud storage solution that Doesn't Fucking Work™


@hazelnot @AgathaSorceress isn't that just every cloud storage system? :D


@qch3n @AgathaSorceress idk I don't have a server to host anything on 😅


@qch3n @AgathaSorceress Gonna put that in the readme of the software I'm writing.


@AgathaSorceress it would strike me that Just Works™ for a “cloud native” thing would mean “goes up in smoke”?

@AgathaSorceress Yea I always feel like the people building this sort of stuff and advertising it with ❤️ and love give me big vibes :')

@AgathaSorceress had to do a double take because i thought it was mocking fastapi. it all blends together.

@ln i just looked up fastapi and it looks less painful but seems to follow some of the same patterns

@AgathaSorceress it's quite nice to use, but the ads/sponsors section is a very specific kind of "uwu, notice me $corp"

@AgathaSorceress Yeah, the corporate cardboard-cutout "community" shit. Instant "will not use" for me as well...

Interesting sidenote: this also makes it really obvious how corporations just *are not* capable of doing genuine community building, and that as a genuine grassroots project you can exploit this weakness to completely wreck corporations in their own market even without meaningful funding, if you play your cards right

@joepie91 @AgathaSorceress I've seen corporations do good community building before. But then they pretty much completely fucked it up and changed the focus of their project away from being a community to being a tool but still marketing it as a community. (The thing in question being Glitch. I still use it, but it's sad what happened to it. It used to be way better. They got acquired, I wonder what will happen with them now. Hopefully they don't shut down before they implement a data export thing cus I have like 500 projects spanning 4 years on there, and I'd hate to lose that.)

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