its so cool how we live in 2022 and lots of people have non-stick frying pans in their kitchens, except they're basically evil and if you accidentally scratch them you Die

@AgathaSorceress and people wonder why I'm so enthusiastic about cast iron. What comes off of it into your food is a dietary requirement.

animal death 

@AgathaSorceress oh yea and if u cook with windows closed and own a pet bird they will just fucking fall over dead 👍

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress < þis seems like a good idea. We should keep using þis ⭐

@Paradox @AgathaSorceress i like how teflon was a thing nasa invented to put on the outside of spaceships and it kinda didn't really work and now for some reason we put it in our pans

@maia @AgathaSorceress < its just really really difficult to um. Idk put some oil in þere ⭐

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress Then the pan is way too hot, you shouldn't push them beyond around 230°C because that's where the teflon starts breaking down and releasing Bad gases

Which the 3D printing community is very aware of because shitty PTFE lined hotends that gas you if you print ABS on them

re: animal death 

@luci @AgathaSorceress if u heat up a teflon pan too hot it releases toxic fumes

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress Please dont push your pan temperature that high

animal death 

@maia @AgathaSorceress like this only happens if you go above 300°F/150°C and like, if you're cooking that high you have like 3 other problems including "the pan is on fire"

@maia @AgathaSorceress like as a rule you shouldn't put a non-stick frying pan in the oven, but even if you did, 90% of your cooking should be done at *least* 100°F _below_ the temperature required to create teflon byproducts. the oil in the pan is smoking and killing you long before the teflon is

@maia @AgathaSorceress the main risk is scratching the pan, but you should be using silicone tipped spatulas on cast iron pans too, because you don't want to scratch up the non-stick surface iron

metal spatulas are evil and please never use steel wool on ur frying pans ;-;

@AgathaSorceress it shouldn't be an issue with any remotely modern pan afaik, even if you scratch it. it only starts getting to be an issue of you heat it above 200°C. so don't put it on a stove empty and keep burning it or something. also induction stoves (when the pan is empty) can reach high temperatures fast, but otherwise it's a non-issue.

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