just realized that some people dont pirate windows
what the fuck


its so fucked up to me how some people
do Not pirate windows
do Not pirate adobe products
Actually Own real apple products
Actually have a netflix subscription

like what, do you,, have money?!

@AgathaSorceress an ultimate non-european-coming-to-europe experience.
"Wait you actually paid for this all this time?"
"Wait some actually buys lootsboxes?"

@AgathaSorceress @charlag I don't pirate (much), I find alternatives I like better! I personally like independantly-distributed fiction...

"That's how the best spells are discovered, throw it at the wall & read the tealeaves! Or the scorch marks. Depends on the spell's potency really."

I do pay for these even if I don't have to.

@AgathaSorceress fuck can I not make typos for five minutes please

@charlag @AgathaSorceress
Windows: ugh, endet up purchasing one when I had someone build me a PC
Adobe: never bought anything
Microsoft office: eh, paid 3€ a year for a year or two, was annoyed other people didn't use open or libre office.
Netflix: share a account with my ex girlfriend
Lootboxes: My only gambling is irl tcg cards.

@charlag @AgathaSorceress this is why germans are wrong people, I'm sure no one beyond germans and folks from little angry germany pays for this shit, not even overly democratic hill germans

@AgathaSorceress a lot of zoomers don't know ANY of this shit

besides that I got my winblows with my laptop and the rest i torrent

@AgathaSorceress@eldritch.cafe I've just had the same windows license on my Microsoft account since I got it years ago free with an old laptop

@AgathaSorceress when i bring this up to friends they're just like, "i'd rather just pay for x" lol what BUT WHY. convenience is a hell of a drug and pirating isn't even that inconvenient

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