pol adj frustration 

honestly fucking frustrating how often "save the children" is used as the ultimate excuse to do literally anything because "think of the children" is basically this loophole that justifies any action because children are small and won't disagree with you, while at the same time reducing everyone from pre-birth age to 18 and sometimes to even 25 to take away their autonomy by equating the physical and social development level of a fetus to that of a 7 year old to that of a pre-teen to that of a literal adult, because, of course, a 19 year old is exactly the same as a 5 year old and both are "children"

re: pol adj frustration 

it's basically a way to use toddlers and middle schoolers as your personal shield against criticism because children are small and can't do anything about it while at the same time reducing young adults to "children" to deny their autonomy

im so tired of how people still use the "think of the children" argument its so frustrating

re: pol adj frustration 

you can basically project any of your weird fucked up ideas onto a toddler or an embryo and no one can do anything about it because best case scenario they will just scream and worst case scenario they're literally not conscious and can not speak, while at the same grouping toddlers and 20 year olds into the same category to justify banning life saving medicine from legal adults because "they're still children"

it's so fucking dishonest to believe that a 6 year old and an 18 year old are in the same exact group of physical and social development


re: pol adj frustration 

I'm talking about both "we have to ban abortions because embryos and fetuses are fully developed conscious individuals and you wouldn't kill a child" and "we need to ban hrt before 25 because children are tiny little mindless guys and can not make decisions"

its so contradictory and yet so annoyingly common

re: pol adj frustration 

@AgathaSorceress why is any opinion foreworded by "think of the children" always garbage conservative puritan fash-adjacent bullshit

re: pol adj frustration 

@schratze i feel like it's because it's the ultimate catch-all argument that doesn't require actually justifying your ideas because you can just call people "children who cant make informed decisions" and "fully formed conscious adult humans below the age of 1" whenever it's convenient and not have to actually think of a valid reason

re: pol adj frustration 

@schratze @AgathaSorceress i can imagine, theoretically, "protect trans kids" being appropriated Helicopter Story-style into some kind of abstraction "Trans Kids" that's used to excuse all sorts of mass surveillance or state violence or something

and whenever we're at war with an evil power that's also very anti-lgbtq (but i repeat myself) this can be deployed that way

but even then that mostly ends up being a call for protection *from* fash, or at least much worse fash

re: pol adj frustration 

@AgathaSorceress I can't believe i'm sharing a facebook screenshot but you've reminded me of this, which is about abortion but I think is equally valid for "the children" as an abstract concept

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