im Annoyed by how many harmless apis required an api key and a token and like 10 different registration endpoint calls and then 20 authentication endpoint calls

youtube search is read-only and literally already available without authentication. why do you need an api key for that. youre just making people scrape the website instead of using your official api and making things unnecessary complicated for everyone


remember when you could just poke random shit on the internet with get requests and get funky data from it and integrate things with other things? but i guess things being Fun or Easy is not allowed so I have to either scrape or set up a proxy server that hides my youtube api key from the end user and proxies requests without authentication

idk, if its already easily available and scrapable without any kind of authentication through a web browser, what's the point of adding authentication to the exact same api endpoint?? you can still rate limit by the user's ip address and authentication won't protect you from spamming because nothing stops someone from doing the same request spam through scraping the page or literally just opening in a browser, typing in a query and holding down ctrl+r

@AgathaSorceress a good most of the people wont scrape it and get an api key, that is easier to limit and track than anonymous scraped requests. so its really just trying to balance annoyingness and services rendered

@CobaltVelvet i feel like in this case scraping is almost easier because securely using the api key requires hosting your own proxy server and scraping youtube search can be done in like 10 lines of code

@AgathaSorceress but ten lines that might break at any moment, so hopefully Profitable Clients would avoid it

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