lol i just found out that apparently the "you wouldn't download a car" anti-piracy ad wanted to use some song, but when the artist didn't give them permission they hired someone to write an almost exactly the same song to evade copyright.... and then proceeded to not pay him fairly

anti-piracy is such a joke

edit: it's not actually the "you wouldn't download a car" video, but a different video with the same anti-piracy message that does not seem to have any known copies on the internet

apparently some journalists misreported it and then it spread from there, but the fact that it's not this anti-piracy video but another anti-piracy video doesn't take away from the irony

I first saw it in a video (that i dont think i will link because the first half is really good but then its kind of eeeeh and tries to justify subscription services and i dont vibe with that) but apparently there's a few articles from 2013 about it too

actually, im not even sure if its Not the "you wouldn't download a car" video, because it might as well be, considering the only source that disagrees with that doesn't really provide good sources, but yeah it's either that ad or another anti-piracy ad

@AgathaSorceress this is what they stand for when they are anti-piracy - money

@AgathaSorceress anti piracy like this just means that the people who make that stuff just want to have more money

@AgathaSorceress can we have a source for this, as well as the name of the people who didn't get paid for their work?

@AgathaSorceress but isn't the original a spoof/sketch from it-crowd?

@AgathaSorceress i would support intellectual property if 100% of the money went to the artists and technicians who make music, video games, movies, etc. but as long as that shit is owned by a corporation which itself steals from artists, well, utorrent go brrrrrr

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