music players on android: hundreds of them! infinite options! pretty! comfy! full of features!

music players on desktop: 💀

music players on desktop are like

has needed features / UI that doesn't murder me aesthetically / not locked into one streaming service

pick one

@AgathaSorceress I don’t know how we got to that point. We used to have good players on desktop, like a decade ago.

@Sylvhem @AgathaSorceress In Windows there is Foobar2000 and for Linux there are great players like Elisa (KDE) or Lollypop (GTK). But yeah, since the most people (including me, I use Plex) use streaming for music playback, there is low interest for a local music library program.

@Nikurasukun I like Lollypop but it’s not that good honestly. You don’t even have a view that display all your albums.


@Sylvhem @AgathaSorceress OK, well then...
Like I said I use plexamp mostly so I don't know that much about the UX of the players.

@AgathaSorceress The infinite pain of trying to find a player that has gapless fucking playback and isn't a sack of jank. :blobugh:

What OS are you running ? Cause i find [RythmBox]( pretty good looking and suiting my needs but you might

1. Not be on linux (pretty common eveb here)
2. Having different expectations when it comes to music players
3. Just be ranting but not looking for advice (if so pardon my intrusion in your feed)

@Guerin RythmBox is good as long as you don’t have compilations in your music collection. It still doesn’t support the “album artist” metadata field so compilations gets gutted into as many albums as there are individual track artists.


Oh i don't have that many compilations, except some spotify playlists imported via deezer but i take note of that issue !

@AgathaSorceress idk if mpd is "locking you in" but honestly I'm fine with just having a terminal window open with ncmpcpp.

@aismallard I used a terminal player for a while but that doesn't display album arts, which is something I stare at a lot

@AgathaSorceress Ahh! Yeah totally fair, I don't really care about album art so I could go either way on any players I looked at.

not seriously suggesting but now i'm thinking about it for myself :thaenkin: 

@aismallard @AgathaSorceress shell script that takes an arbitrary folder and
1. has moc play all music files in alphabetical order (hope you've got the track number listed first with all necessary leading zeroes)
2. loads up feh to open up "cover.jpg" on top of the terminal window

@AgathaSorceress I use Clementine:

I'm not gonna claim it's PERFECT, but for me it's Good Enough™

@schratze @book Sorry, but this conversation is just priceless. I’m dying :’).


@AgathaSorceress i still haven't found a music player i'm really happy with, vanilla music is the closest but the ui is kind of outdated and ive run into a fair amount of bugs. auxio is almost perfect but it doesn't have gapless playback and there are no plans to add it because it is very difficult with the architecture

@AgathaSorceress who need a desktop music player when you can use your phone or tablet ?
(Personnally, I only use nowadays Music Player Daemon without any graphical front-end, only from the command-line).
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