agatha music player update 

after an evening of hyperfocus, I finally finished the first version of my music player's remote server that implements all functionality that should be required

on top of that, from some quick tests in release mode, it is so much faster than I expected

here's the repo:

(mirrored on


agatha music player update 

also, here's the current state of the player itself, if youre curious

with server out of the way, this should hopefully allow me to continue developing the music player itself. next up is integration with the server and remote playback

agatha music player update 

note that right now the project is in very chaotic early stages - I'm adding new features and changing things everywhere and constantly refactoring, theres no readme (yet), so as much as I will appreciate contributions, that will unfortunately need to wait until I've implemented all the basic functionality

agatha music player update 

@AgathaSorceress little tiny comment to check if it would eventually support album-artist fields (separate from track artist)? That’s how most people I know sort classical music because usually the artist fields are like a mile long and can be different in each track depending on soloists etc

agatha music player update 

@s0 I could add that, yeah

agatha music player update 

@AgathaSorceress cool! Looking forward to trying it out :D

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