releasing my code when its not in a Ready State always feels kinda stressful tbh idk why

it feels like people will request/complain about already planned or started features or send pull requests with implementations that conflict with the plans or try to use early builds on a daily basis dand this isnt a problem with more mature projects but in the first few months i feel so anxious


i think tomorrow i will add a readme with a roadmap and a large warning like "please do not use this yet!!!! also please dont suggest features for now i almost definitely have that feature planned i just havent had time to add it yet!!"

i think all software should be open source and contributors are amaizing but also i am afraid of people

@AgathaSorceress i think we should simply make a dramatic difference between published common projects and an individual's toy project

@AgathaSorceress like, in the second category everyone should just be nice to you and 'just fork it' applies and you should not have any responsibility

@CobaltVelvet yeah but at the same time I would like for it to become a published project once its ready

@AgathaSorceress yea i was thinking that projects can 'upgrade' to the first category whenever they want (which would probably also be when it switches from one 'owner' to a group of maintainers)

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