i think the land west of france is starting to seep into other people's consciousnesses

selfie ec important 

absolutely fucked up, and furthermore, not tubular

agatha music player update 

today's changes aren't pushed yet but this is the first time my music player has actually, well, played music

up until now I've been working on indexing, remote fetching logic and general structure of the project; now I get to do actual audio stuff and UI

agatha music player update 

the eleanor client is now able to index songs from remote servers :D

aside from optimizations and tweaks, this should be all for indexing

I think next I can do playback

i now have one of the 75 existing copies (225 total, 75 of this color) of the Paradise Lost - The Plague Within cassette !!

i dont understand what this means

it just says "thursday 22 09 2022 01:13"

how is that an update
i know that its thursday but. what happened on thursday. why is there just no text under it

re: agatha not work meeting selfie ec 

i also did a new profile pic for my bandcamp because i havent updated that in ages

agatha (guitar edition)

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omg look at them 🥺 🥺

how are both of the wolfys so extremely full of gender,


here's discord canary, vanilla, no mods, nothing injected

1.4gigabytes right after startup
I'll post another screenshot after I let it run for a few hours

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