asbestos mod dev update 

So I was trying to figure out how to make /some/ blocks give you a ton of mesothelioma when you break them without rewriting the same thing for every block

and recently I got a random idea so i extended the Block class and added some mesotheliomey stuff to it!

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obscure secret kgatlw lore, possibly loud 

rattlesnake infinity opens the door
rattlesnake infinity opens the door
wait for the answer to open the door
rattlesnake infinity opens the door

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dm leaks, possibly overwhelmingly cute 

i cant stop thinking about this

tillie dm leaks, shitpost 

self diagnosing myself with austin brain

music stuff, me being excited over nothing 

Im not sure why but i /really/ vibe with how Danny Carey's electric drum pads look
rlly pretty aesthetic imo,,
the rest of the drumkit too tbh,,,

(selfie, ec, :boosts_ok:) good morning to femmes,, and everyone else 

agatha meow

caps, excited about unimportant thing 

for reference, heres the previous one that i really didnt like

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caps, excited about unimportant thing 

omg yay they FINALLY changed the vscodium icon from weird green thing to pretty blue algae thingy thats cute imo

i rlly disliked the green one and even tried manually changing it back but looks like its overwritten on every update

either way,, im very !!!!

ec, shitposty 

not to be straight on main
but imo stu mackenzie with an explorer guitar in a suit is kinda hot 😳

update 2: I think it gets the toot contents just fine but the regex fuckery nukes the content instead of removing html tags

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update: looks like the error happens because the database isn't populated properly and the content is always an empty string

setting it to some nonsense fixes it
time to try and fix the code,, owo

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