i often look at my bio in case i find a way to remove some redundancy from it and make it shorter and/or better and i just somehow had "catgirlboss witch" come into my mind

pros of kinning the meow:
• cuddly
• u get to meow and purr and sleep all the time
• pointy ears and fluffy fur and curly tail and tiny pawbs and pretty eyes and bappable nosie !!
• ur partners treat u like a real kity

cons of kinning the meow
• possible species dysphoria and existential dread

if i start playing anything else in future, it'll probably be like

S: drumbs
A: bass, theremin
B: vocals (does that count?)

i just,,, rlly like music i think its very poggers

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love how i already play 3 instruments + transcribe/program drums but brain keeps going "i want more !"

@chemelia ive been getting exclusively crypto ads on birdsite for the last month or so and i feel like its related to me making fun of cryptobros

@miramira @erin i wanted to add my experience but feel free to ignore!!

ive been playing music and learning music theory stuff (not really, i still suck at it) for 8 years but only started writing ~recently

i dont get a lot of motivation and its really hard for me to focus on it enough to finish 1 full song, not even a full album

but what helps me is just listening to *a lot* of music, reading/watching about how it was made and learning new things,, which is also often a source of inspiration

you can't write a 10 post long thread of bad takes if you only have 10 seconds to write it

you can, however, meow

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Omnium Gatherum - Beyond is *such* a vibe omg,,, maybe me being sleepy rn has something to do with that but im just rlly vibing rn

mastodon update where once you start typing the toot you have 10 seconds to finish it until the post compose box fades away

@elagabalus if there are gay egirls on egirls.gay, I swear to god I'm going to lose it

self harm ment, shitpost 

this night instead of doing self harm i will do self warm and cuddle some plushies :)

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