"oh but what if i dont want to"
im just gonna pronounce it as see-ahn because i can never remember to pronounce it as shawn

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i wish all
people named Sean
pick a different name

android stuff 

love how an android rom update comes out and the comments are always like

person a: this works amazingly :) thank you :)
person b: my phone blew up and my wife left me and i accidentally started wwiii

and like i have no idea if i should update or not

@penny i have been told by dr. science that it's only theoretically possible and has never been observed in real life

brb making the first android rom with a not-channer telegram channel

android stuff 

android 12 just officially released a few days ago and most recoveries don't support decrypting partitions made by a12

which is fair but like :/
i guess i can live with a decrypted phone for a few months especially since my desktop hdd is decrypted anyway

callout post 

"killing (gentle (romantic))"

look at her
what a lesbian

Me and Tess really need to buy some groceries and sanitary products, if anyone could spare some coin we have a few options:

Our paypal:

My ko-fi (and you can request me to draw something, I'd love to as a way of thanks!):

Or you can subscribe to our patreon if you're into games and game dev:

#mutualaid #brynndraws #art

train of thought 

"i think she is made of the special lovely meat" -> maybe i should post this to mastodon -> wait, it mentions meat, does that mean i need to CW it -> wait, but isn't it only applicable when in a context of eating the meat -> wait is the wife meat vegan or not -> what the fuck am i thiking about

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fun how my vibe goals is like. hot butch-ish femme with slightly intimidating vibes but at the same time i want to be kind and friendly and nice

this is uh, Complicated

software pol i guess 

ive talked about this before but holy shit microsoft has the most insidious evil tech company vibes

yknow how their whole thing is "we love open source software :) we want to make a better world and we're totally not just another capitalist corporation with ulterior motives :))"

...and then they make parts of vscode that are advertised as significant features intentionally break if it's an open source build without telemetry

new cursed bash just dropped, very not screen reader friendly 

find . | grep -P "\./Screenshot_[0-9]{8}(_|-)[0-9]{6}.*\.(jpg|png)" | while read f; do \
touch "$f" -t "${t:11:8}${t:20:4}"

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