muse lyrics misheard bad 

can we kiss... with ketchup on our lips? 🥺 👉👈

pokemon characters will literally provide better emotional support than half of real life people

Is your plushie cuter that this? I accept and expect photo evidence.

will i be able to leave bed today? I guess we'll never know

trans people will literally cuddle and fall asleep to a physics lecture 🥺

every function is deterministic if youre lovecraftian horror enough

@binarycat yeah most cassettes have j-cards that unfold into 4/5 pages * 2 sides

@silentium @AgathaSorceress Ha, ha, ha. You really are making the silliest shitposts.

*in a talkie-walkie* They are unto us!

the "figuring out if the celeste soundtrack cassettes have unfoldable cover cards (they dont)" to "finding out theres a stardew valley skirt with pockets" pipeline

if trans people knew about the stardew valley skirt with pockets they'd be very excited

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