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like, an automated and persistent version of opening devtools and changing things there

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Does anyone know any firefox addons or anything like that that let you inject custom html/js/css into websites and replace existing html elements? sometimes I want to change a few things on the websites I use but like,, I Cant really unless i do it clientside,, but I'm not sure how

CNPLv6 Released
Big changes:
- Deep Learning protection
- Protection of minors being held against their will

me: hi cat come cuddle

me: no cat please don't eat the lightbulb

me: i said no, please close your mouth

me: this is not edible cat, i already told you this

need to build that vibe check bot tbh

following [known loud transphobe] is a guaranteed vibe check fail, and i wanna be notified instantly when accounts are doing that

good morning to all the she/it users on here yall are poggers

transphobia related 

@AgathaSorceress yes exactly it's the ultimate t4t lmao

omg,,, they just announced Oxenfree 2,,,, extremely poggers imo

the first game was so good i am So excited,,, aa

fun fact
there are more whales in the sky than under water


I need a laptop!
It has to be able to:
- run discord, word, and internet at the same time
- thats literally it

What specs does such a laptop need, what do I look for?

mh moment 

selfcare bot every other day: If you commute, take a different route if you can.

brain: yeah that would be cool if i could do anything differently from how i always do it without feeling unsafe and anxious

unleashing the horror that lives in my drafted posts

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