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@AgathaSorceress idk why the digital version of the trans flag doesn't include the crinkles

agatha said "im just a silly tiny bug-sized kitten!" and i made a pog face in real life

plushie kitten status 

being a tiny sleepie on my chest near the rest of plushies

oh no 🐴 there's 🐴 more of them 🐴 their 🐴 levels are 🐴 increasing

horse levels are 42% and rising

(42%) ■■■■□□□□□□

ironing trans flags should be forbidden
trans flags must not be ironed

heating and compressing my massive UWU bean until point of fusion

tempted to boost today's big shitpost again oops
im just way too proud of it

ok but have you considered
fully grown large UWU bean

they don't fuck around


i think they want to do a kity jumpy and give whoever is in front of them a tiny nosie kis

i cant believe they made like
like animals, but made of plushy
plushie animals

Urgent: Help with internet and phone 

I'm a trans #ActuallyAutistic person with white privilege who is struggling financially. I need $120 for last and this month's internet service (ISP isn't processing my billing properly) and $70 for this month's phone bill. Can you help?

Anything helps, including boosts.

Please help a black, indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

#TransCrowdFund #mutualaid


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