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welp looks like this motherboard is simpley unable to turn off usb power after shutdown


one living in the future thing I never expected was websites that people make so that you can read other, more annoying websites without being annoyed

its impressive how a lot of people manage to consistently post Both on fedi and twitter

like,, how the heck


my last backup took 1h30m instead of just ~15m

i wonder if it has something to do with yesterday's downtime or if something broke or maybe it's just connection speed


if you are a real gaymer, your keymashes look like wasdwasdwasd

im a sleeper agent (one who can make choices but is sleepy)

it is probably not very good that my audio interface gets power through usb from my desktop and unlike the keyboard and mouse, when the computer is turned off it still stays turned on (or at least the power led is turned on)

i could fix this by turning off the power switch on the thing that my pc is plugged into, but that's twice as many buttons and i'm definitely gonna forget to do it

Accessibility, Public thoughts ripped from a locked thread because im lazy 

I think the root problem is that "accessiblity" is a complex problem with many different forms of it to cater to often conflicting needs.

Like, unix tools are not accessible for some people with ADHD or dyslexia, or people who have Parkinson's disease or motor problems (Although arguably GUIs are worse in the latter case).

But GUI tools in the age of Electron and thin layer OpenGL interfaces are often inaccessible for people with screenreaders or visual problems.

And people saying outright "this is not built accessibly" are absolutely not thinking about the developer with burnout, complex mental health needs, and limited time.

So it might be a better model to look at accessiblity in the same way we look at threat models, and CLIs are actually in many ways the best tradeoff for all of the things I have mentioned.

capitalism hot take, 1/28 

i love my girlfriends

re: creepy dms 

unrelated but I just don't get this mindset at all

"we've never talked before, this person doesn't know who i am, what i look or sound like and literally anything about me, but I'm going to message them and seriously ask them to marry me without even introducing myself"

like how is that even gonna work

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weird hypothetical body stuff 

@AgathaSorceress Imagine if you could control whether your hair and nails grow (and in the case of hair, where). Imagine if you could make your teeth, eyes and other body parts fall off and grow replacements at will.

re: creepy dms and age stuff 

i'm kinda worried that like

right now i'm 17, and whenever i get creepy messages i can usually say 2-3 times that I'm a minor and they will give up

but in around half a year i'll no longer be a minor and then that excuse won't work

i guess there's always the block button, but it still feels less safe when people can go "well umm technically being 18 years old means you're an adult"


i think it would be good if eyes regrew at least once like teeth, and even better if both teeth and eyes could regrow as many times as needed

new minecraft modpack just dropped 

compact homophobia

begpost, need money for food and power, pls boost 

Hey! im doing one of these again to help my gf @lovelace as its getting closer for her to have to pay the power company so they dont disconnect her power service plus she needs money to be able to get some food and not starve, anything really helps, if you cant donate i really really appreciate if you could just boost and help us by getting it to more people

this is her info

cashapp: $digitalcreature

random thought 

symlinks, but over internet

on one hand, it would be neat to be able to create 1 config file and then have some remote host automatically link to that

on the other hand, imagine how unstable and cursed this would be if the target host becomes unreachable while the file is being read

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