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imo gender should be destroyed and turned into like, an optional aesthetic

like no one is assigned goth at birth, but some people choose that aesthetic because it's cool and pretty

i love how the vazkii tater nft thing was up for 1-2 days and now all of them are 404

its like the real nft thing but sped up to fit into half of a week
i liked that shitpost

the rust meta 

โ€ข on the next day the moderation team was temporarily replaced with 2 people; 1 with a trans flag picrew profile pic and the other with they/them pronouns in github bio, which is probably better than having all of them be white cis men
โ€ข we got an official acknowledgement, signed by all core team members

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the rust meta 

so tl;dr for the whole thing, which might not be entirely accurate but it's all the information that's available right now

โ€ข someone on the core team did something โœจ Controversial โœจ. one of the other people on the core team said it was Ashley Williams
โ€ข the 3 moderation team members resigned, allegedly because Ashley Williams was mean to white men (which the other core team member called "racism and sexism")

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@AgathaSorceress taking hyperpop and then vapourwaving it

wait that almost sounds like it could be cool

reason 12 seems to like, Work, if you know the workaround for the top menu being unclickable, but also for some reason i cant change the resolution and its kinda blurry and also text in some menus just does Not render

...and apparently sometimes opening the mixer will crash the whole daw

its like, almost usable but not really :/

reddit people will whine about how this is literally 1987 animal crossing and then go "me and my bestie surveillance capitalism"

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reddit people love pretending that 1984 is somehow an obscure unknown gem that nobody has ever heard of because it's so censored


some people think that reaching Peak Trans is doing surgeries or being out to everyone or whatever

that's wrong
Peak Trans is having your own hungry wolf pit

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me 20 months after painting my nails: i wonder if they're dry yet

i developed a habit of adding '-ies' to words and i dont know if thats good

i just almost said "ah fuckies"

hrt none 

you take estrogen because you're trans

i take estrogen because it tastes good

we are not the same


me on every day that isn't halloween:
[ king diamond voice ]
oh it's halloweeeeen!!

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