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paypal being so shitty and evil makes sense when u consider that it's originally elon musks baby

@AgathaSorceress wish elon musk was real so we could kill a comically evil person in real life

even google and microsoft are basically nothing compared to paypal. paypal is the kind of company where under the "sign up" button they might put small invisible gray text saying "we reserve the right to remotely kill you at any moment"

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paypal is basically like one of those comically evil cyberpunk corporations from movies but in real life

@AgathaSorceress they're a bank but they're not really a bank and they have a lot of fine print. so they say if you break any of those terms your balance is forfeited and one of those is 'no minors :] but we'll only tell you when you have money there :] '

what kind of legal loophole do they use to be able to go "yup we dont like you. all your moneys is now ours. not gonna give you any warnings, bye"

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how is it even like, legal for paypal to simply steal money from people

italian people are always like "slapp like now!! prossimo bassista"

paypal ranty 

i love how its like
do you want to receive money from bandcamp? have to use paypal lol
you were born in the wrong country? cant receive money on paypal lol
moved to another country? fuck you
under 18? fuck you
changed your name? fuck you

how is this app even real

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paypal ranty 

paypal is terrifyingly awful
i guess at least now i can use it because i dont live in ukraine and i can actually receive money on the paypal account

i think im just gonna use parent paypal accounts for as long as possible until i legally change my name because holy fuck i dont want to deal with the pain that comes with paypal and name changes

πŸ₯€ periodic reminder that if you don't consider disabled people in your revolution, then it isn't a true revolution

whats up with bank apps/websites and having custom built-in keyboards

4 horsewebsites of apocalypse:
- no language settings
- language and location are locked together
- language is guessed using geoip
- only location is changeable

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i fucking Hate websites that dont let you choose location and language independently

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