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re: computer what 

its content-type: application/octet-stream all the way down babeyy

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computer what 

protecting my code from minified json perverts by exclusively transporting data serialized to messagepack, ensuring that there's no intermediate point where one can get json from the api and go "hehe yeah json time >:)"

sighs, shakes head, wipes the number off of the whiteboard on the wall that says "days since I had to block an anime porn bot" and writes a big red zero on it

Angel Witch by Angel Witch from the album Angel Witch is definitely one of the songs of all time because i'll suddenly remember about it and my brain will get stuck repeating "you are an angel witch, you're an angel witch!" over and over

when you find out a programmer is problematic 

10/10, io::ErrorKind::WouldBlock again

lewd adj what 

agatha the type of goth girl who will invite you over for "netflix and chill", climb into bed and pull out The Cure - Pornography cassette

You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

nvidia gtx 1080 was the last nvidia gpu ever released and you cannot convince me otherwise

german people love to say "zync" and swedish people love to say "soom"

im like the "visiting the worst rated restaurant in france" of trans people who pick their name from first page of

remember how im agatha

i still cant believe im agatha
like, agatha, that one,

the one that is Agatha Valentine Lovelace

as in, Mx. Miss Agatha Valentine Lovelace, Evil Vampire Lady and Empress of The Land West of France

thats so cool
how do i get to be agatha
who let me be agatha
its so cool how i get to be agatha and other people consider me to be agatha

my gender is pretty much just entirely agatha
im agatha

sometimes i will be Struggling and then i remember about madeline celeste and im like "yeah maybe I can get through today :)"

she is definitely one of the characters of all time

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im watching a playthrough of Room Oxide 104 and its so fucking funny

what is indie horror

35 minutes into the playthrough video the main villain has an evil speech that includes these words:

"You young people are obsessed with all those things.... Bitcoins... NFTs.... Money controls you..."

lov to open an issue about a firefox bug, have it instantly closed as "not a bug" and then continue receiving notifications about it years later because people keep running into it

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