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CW : selfies, eye contact

sOme pROOfs that i am still alive... alsO i lOOk quite Okay sO i put these ON uNlisted.

(yOu CaN bOOst OR NOt i dO NOt Really CaRe.)

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fOllOW this ChaNNel to WitNess me dump thiNgs i fiNd fuNNy While i have NOthiNg betteR tO dO (OR WheN i fORget i have a jOb)

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I am Evangeline, a french artist working mostly on adult content. Everyone call me "Princess" at some point because I have NPD. (Megalomania to cope with self-hate basically)

I am a Polyamorous Lesbian who identifies as "female" and I am kinda misandrist so don't mess with me if you identify as "male", you know... Though you probably won't even pass if you ask to follow me.

I really lack of friends so feel free to talk to me here and I hope to meet wonderful people ✨

The 4 disorders :
- i sleep too much or not at all
- i love myself too much or not at all
- i feel too much or not at all
- i focus too much or not at all

les français de masto qui sont aussi sur Twitter on est en train de faire un pour la désolidarisation de l'aah donc allez tweetez dessus et partager thx 💝

et signée la pétition que vous soyez sûr mAsto ou twitter

lOl... i am OveRall Okay but it is gettiNg WORse. this mONth Was a paiN.

looking for advice, cosplay 

aNyONe haviNg tips tO WeaR big hORNs WithOut haviNg sOmethiNg tOO heavy aNd visible tO make it staNd ON my head?

i Really tRy tO be a mORe stable aNd Reliable peRsON due tO ReCeNt deCisiONs. i WaNt tO be pOWeRful iN a Real Way aNd lift up OtheRs When they aRe NOt stRONg.

mOm bOught me Cheap but COOl lOOkiNg ClOthes. this is veRy NiCe.

this is Why i have a quiRk aNd i use it NOW.

mORe espeCially siNCe yOu meNtiONed yOu heaR me as a veRy distiNguished RuleR With my WRitiNg ; WhiCh has alWays beeN the iNteNded pOiNt~

i tRies the family mix thiNg ON spOtify aNd i ChOse the sub CategORy "gOOd vibes" OR sOmethiNg like that.

theRe Was "Are you dead yet?" fROm ChildReN Of bOdOm iN it.

my mOOd is shit agaiN siNCe yesteRday... hOpefully gf helped me have this 2 days asCeNsiON iN the puRple ><

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