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Bon bah voilà, ce compte est désormais un privé
j'vais un peu modifié l'esthétique mais niveau followers/following, c'est fait

The spectre of communism is a water appreciation blog

I have to say going away, even if it was just for less than four weeks, has been beneficial so yeah

I guess until I get my shit a bit more sorted out and everything settles down, I'll only be there from time to time

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I'll try to be a tad more present but eh, not much, like, I'll open the tab occasionally

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Sorry, I've gone completely silent for a few weeks, I've had a lot on my mind, a surgery (nothing big, I'm alright), been planning to move, etc.

plus, a lot of my social media have started to become extremely draining for me so I'm trying to step away from them more
and this isn't likely to change soon ngl

I'm doing fairly okay, keeping busy, practising the violin (still playing open strings tho lmao), learning music stuff, and I've been making new tracks as well, so that's cool

si vous vous demandez, non, ça n'a rien à voir avec le début de shitstorm d'y a 4 jours

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je ferme eldritch, pendant je sais pas combien de temps

un ou deux jours
une semaine
quelques semaines
j'en sais foutre rien

j'en peux plus

plural, question/help I suppose 

Anyone got ressources on how to figure out your system?
Shit's shifting, we'd like something more structured than our own thoughts, idk

Also, yes, I'm seeing a therapist and I intend to talk to her about it, so there's that.

First time going out just for the fuck of it since uuuuuh a while

(eye contact)

last boost: good fucking morning, world, you ain't heard the last of me yet

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