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I took a nap with my new noise canceling headphone and having no sound input made my thoughts drift so wildly

i accidentally fell back into the inescapable hole that is

maitre gims

Oh my there is so much going on in this picture :blob_cat_aww:

It's view from a falcon9 half fairing descending back to earth.
The big plume of gaz on the horizon was left by the second stage who's continuing to burn behind the camera and the flash of light coming down to the planet is the falcon9 first stage during it's re-entry burn.

The aftermath of the DART impact on didymos seen from the cubesat who was flying along the probe and tasked to film the event

New hardware acquired, and I managed to do the admin stuff I had going for some weeks.
A great day ✨

Gay squad featuring a emby a mean lizard and a wholesome goat the video game

All I want for this october is for rune of delta the third chapter to be released upon the world

Damn it's been so long since I talked about space with some sort of passion.

I kinda lost some of it due to the way space exploration is seen this day with musk ruining fucking everything even my childhood dreams :)

But yeah, trying to truly appreciate back what I love in life

In other news, as the hurricane Ian is coming closer to florida, the SLS is moving back to the vehicle assembly building to protect it from the weather.
They migh be able to use this forced retreat to inspect the launcher a bit more before launch but the priority is to put all equipment and personal in safety before the hurricane hit

Also, it's not over yet for the science!
A european mission named HERA is planned to launch in the coming years to inspect dimorphos and didymos, allowing us to compare in closer details the aftermath of a impact at such speed on both astéroïdes

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The impact of DART was observed by many ground based telescope around the world.
Here you can see the debris field caused by the impact as observed by the ATLAS telescope based in Hawaï

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