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Nude for your viewing pleasure ❤️// Onlyfan self promotion ✨// Boost highly appreciated 🥺 

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[Cw: Selfie / Eyes contact]

Belle gosse dès 8h du mat kestuvafer 😎✨ (Featuring 3h de sommeil psk ptdr)

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Mental health 

Let's fight anxiety and feed ourself

Oh and the best
I always love when they want so hard to put swear words but want to keep it canon with the Pokémon canon and it end up being some shit like "What in the name of arceus" or "I swear to mew" IT'S SO FUCKING WEIRD WHY WOULD YOU TRY SO HARD FJZKFKZLJFNZND

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(Pokémon rocket edition is the rom, there is other more edgy like the one 4chan did once but it's stating their edginess so loudly even before the game start it's not really the same as slowly seeing someone making a statement as the game progress)

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Anyway it's hilarious to see a basic ass dude view on the world spoke trough an honestly well crafted hack of Pokémon.

Like it's so well made technically and somewhat undertaining to follow but the underlying of it all is basic right wing incel thinking it's just laughable and weird

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Also that rom in question had a weird vibe to it like putting Kanto in a new golden age after losing the war to show that their a strong nation or something???

In MY Pokémon fire red? 🤔

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"Dude DUDE! You know how Red doesn't speak in the Pokémon games?... What if.... He's autistic???!!!? 🤯🤯🤯"

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"Guys guys hear me out... What if Kanto lost a war and professor oak is secretly a villain sociopath also let's use all the slurs"

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Pokémon rom hack creators be like :
"Hmmm... What if it was edgy tho 🤔"

Le catch: 😴

Le catch AVEC DES ROBOTS: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

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En vrais le sérum phy c'est globalement de l'eau salée donc y a moyen de s'en servir pour assaisonner des plats :blob_hyperthink:

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moi : *existe*
Jade : "Des fois je trouve que je suis stupide, puis je te vois"

J'ai pas l'énergie mentale pour le monde aujourd'hui vraiment sa me fait physiquement mal de traîner sur internet la tt de suite

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